China Sky One Medical, Inc.

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CSKI is defunct.
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  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 4 Feb 2011

    Short Notice: China stocks taking it on the chin (no pun intended). CRIC breaking $7 major support; CSKI.PK nearing $5 level. Both have options
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 18 Jan 2011

        Short Notice #2: Chinese reverse merger CSKI.PK breaking $6.25 support on fraud speculation, off 75% from high. Increased vol in Feb5&7.5 puts
          • candlestickpicks | Send Message 11 Jan 2011

            $CSKI.PK completed a Break Out candlestick pattern on 01/10/2011. Look for an upward price movement on 01/11/2011
              • jdelfino | Send Message 7 Jan 2011

                Unusually high volume for CSKI.PK...yet no news?
                  • MagicDiligence | Send Message 29 Dec 2010

                    Magic Formula Investing 2010 Year In Review $MGIC $MNK $CF $SNTA $DXM $JHTXQ $CSKI.PK $CEAI.PK
                      • jason2713 | Send Message 27 Dec 2010

                        Did I miss anything? Looks like a pretty dull day to me. I may take a stab at CSKI.PK and AAU, but not sold on them quite yet.
                          • johnz | Send Message 28 Sep 2010

                            AOBI is much better than CSKI.PK, wake up. Overpriced RE? How so? Still valued there, agreed by the auditor Ernst & Young. who's auditing CSKI?
                              • jason2713 | Send Message 10 Sep 2010

                                1980xls - curious, I was looking at CREE, wth CSKI.PK, FUQI.PK, and a few others...all of which are getting crushed. Thoughts?
                                  • David White | Send Message 3 Sep 2010

                                    CSKI.PK news about losing distributors tends to substantiate CSKI's honesty claims. Tends to incriminate distributors for double booking.
                                      • David White | Send Message 3 Sep 2010

                                        CSKI.PK killed today on news of loss of some major distributors. They didn't want their numbers reported due to NASDAQ rules.China gov't taken?
                                          Company Description
                                          We are engaged, through our China based indirect subsidiaries described below, in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of over-the-counter, branded nutritional supplements and over-the-counter plant and herb based pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Our principal products are... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Country: China