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Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (CSOD)

  • beleggersclub | Send Message 2 Aug

    CONFIRMED breakout $QEP, $CSOD, $RDUS
      • beleggersclub | Send Message 26 Jul

        WATCH for possible breakout $EFX, $CRI, $CSOD
          • Werner Kranenburg | Send Message 12 Jun

            (Update) Shareholders voted "No" on executive compensation proposals at among others $CKP $PODD $CSOD $DXM $VRTX $KATE $SPXC >I'm an attorney
              • Eli Hoffmann, CEO | Send Message 29 May

                Is $LNKD in as much trouble as the comments here suggest? Should it buy $CSOD?
                  • David Jackson | Send Message 7 May

                    $CSOD was up 6% after mixed results. It had become a cheap growth stock; low expectations?
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                    • David Jackson | Send Message 7 May
                      : You know a stock is getting cheap, sentiment is weak if people start saying it should be acquired. For $CSOD
                      • David Jackson | Send Message 4 May

                        Will $LNKD buy $CSOD? Suhail Capital thinks it should:
                          • Suhail Capital | Send Message 1 May

                            Linkedin Should Acquire Cornerstone On Demand $LNKD, $CSOD
                              • David Jackson | Send Message 21 Apr

                                Does $LNKD's acquisition of put it in competition with $CSOD?
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                                • David Jackson | Send Message 21 Apr
                                  : Meaning -- they are now competing with CSOD, but have an advantage?
                                • Forward View | Send Message 22 Apr
                                  : Not significantly competing right now. Just meant that $LNKD is the best in the sector. $CSOD seems more like a future acquisition target.
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 21 Nov 2014

                                    "Cornerstone OnDemand ($CSOD)...acquired Evolv, a privately held big data/analytics company." Big data!!!
                                      • grepa | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

                                        $CSOD -19% at this point: is this stock toast now?
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                                        • Brahmsian | Send Message 5 Nov 2014
                                          : It's D/E being over 5 is what makes it toast in my book. Bad Q/Q too. Take the money and RUN!
                                        • grepa | Send Message 5 Nov 2014
                                          : Thanks for sharing your view. I have been a fan of the stock and have a small position @31.00, but have lost patience! Will likely cut today
                                          Company Description
                                          Cornerstone OnDemand Inc provides comprehensive talent management solutions delivered as Software-as-a-Service.