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Cellceutix Corp. (CTIX)

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  • ellaruth | Send Message 12 Nov

    $CTIX Last evening, Ocata Therapeutics stock advanced 89% to $8.44. Evidence demands a verdict.
      • ellaruth | Send Message 12 Nov

        $CTIX Cellceutix views this acquisition of Ocata by Astellas as validation of the ilegitimacy and criminality of Mako's so-caled research.
          • ellaruth | Send Message 12 Nov

            I am watching for a countersuit from $CTIX to either Mako AND or Rosen Law. It could be a prayer for damages totaling 3X 200 million.
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            • | Send Message 12 Nov
              : stick it to them Leo
            • ellaruth | Send Message 13 Nov
              : $CTIX I expect the lawsuit against Mako and or Rosen Law, to be filed before Hanukkah. A fitting present for both, a sweet torte.
              • Biotech Research Group | Send Message 22 Oct

                Cellceutix Responds Vigorously To Rosen Law Firm $CTIX
                  • pga2003 | Send Message 22 Oct

                      • noobie107 | Send Message 16 Oct

                        $CTIX used to be hot, what happened?
                          • thementany | Send Message 10 Oct

                            Cellceutix--Bent, Not Broken $CTIX
                              • BiotechX | Send Message 8 Oct

                                2015 revealed a very disappointing stock price development for $CTIX, from $4.90 to $1.35 - the hype is gone but fog remains
                                  • ellaruth | Send Message 10 Sep

                                    NASDAQ Listing: 5.75 Million Shares: 12 M+ In Cash+ Major Partners $CELG, $GILD, $CTIX
                                      • ellaruth | Send Message 26 Aug

                                        The Cellceutix Crystal Ball $CTIX
                                          Company Description
                                          An early stage developmental biopharmaceutical company...with six pharmaceutical compound candidates that are designed for treatment of diseases which may be either existing or diseases identified in the future. The Company will initially spend most of its efforts and resources on its... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States