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  • Wall Street Daily | Send Message 11 Jul

    Agricultural Commodities Awaken $DBA, $RJA, $DAG http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dgx0
      • Jeff Malec | Send Message 23 Jun

        Ag Traders Time To Shine? $DBA, $RJA, $DAG http://seekingalpha.com/a/2de34
          • Garfield23 | Send Message 13 Aug 2013

            $JJA $RJA $AGF $DBA $FUD $UAG $DAG $AGA $ADZ $JJS $TAGS $USAG $RGRA OH CRAP!!! Wednesday will see frost and feezing temps in Minnesota
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            • Perkins Cove | Send Message 13 Aug 2013
              : Ah yes, soybeans. Watch the movie Touchback, with Kurt Russell. You'll learn more about soybeans (and true love) than you ever knew.
            • Perkins Cove | Send Message 13 Aug 2013
              : Plus a little bit of football. Rent it on $NFLX.....hehe
              • The_American | Send Message 20 Aug 2012

                DAG AGF DBA JJA JJG USO UCO DIG DUG UNG UGAZ uptrend HDGE SPY profit taking VXX volume increasing TVIX UVXY GLD SLV SDS GDX GDXJ GLDX GLTR
                  • Brandon Gibbs | Send Message 30 May 2012

                    NYCB stress tests coming down the pike, thoughts anyone? Thanks for the news DAG
                      • John Motyka | Send Message 29 Mar 2012

                        DAG~Very quite. Earnings report for GERN 03/07/12. Beat est but still bleeding out. Firestorm ahead for Phase III. I continue to Hold...jdm
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                        • DAG Investments | Send Message 3 Apr 2012
                          : thanks John. and no worries about earlier mistake.
                        • John Motyka | Send Message 3 Apr 2012
                          : DAG~ You are always welcome here...jdm
                          • DaleW | Send Message 9 Jan 2012

                            BAL,COW, DAG, MCPIQ, NIB, My own version of a Jim Rogers type holdings is up 2.7% today. Awaiting for the base metals to melt soon.
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                            • DaleW | Send Message 10 Jan 2012
                              : Up another 2.87% today- 6.15% in less than 30 days.
                            • may be | Send Message 5 Mar 2012
                              : Way to go Dale nice going
                              • LuckyPick | Send Message 26 May 2011

                                Ag play, China to expand corn planting, the need for DE CNH DAG http://bit.ly/lDXzPh
                                  • LuckyPick | Send Message 26 May 2011
                                      • radical1110 | Send Message 26 May 2011

                                        Ag is looking good DAG up 6% in 2 days
                                          DAG Description
                                          The DB Agriculture Double Long ETN provides 2x exposure to an index of futures contracts that is equally weighted between corn, wheat, soybeans and sugar.
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