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  • Yesterday, 9:00 AM
    • Unable to find a buyer for Postbank, the Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) board this week is set to discuss other alternatives for the retail operation, including its full integration into the parent.
    • That Postbank was going to be a hard sell isn't news, and chatter that Deutsche needed to get "creative" with what it might do has been around for months.
    • Shares -2.8% premarket
    | Yesterday, 9:00 AM
  • Yesterday, 3:14 AM
    • A series of huge DOJ fines on Barclays (NYSE:BCS), Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) and Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) for mis-selling mortgage securities could be postponed until after next month's presidential election, Sky News reports.
    • The delay also means RBS will likely have to account for the majority of a fine in its 2017 results, making it virtually certain that the bank will record its tenth consecutive annual loss.
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  • Thu, Oct. 20, 9:25 AM
    • A report in German media says Qatar, the Abu Dhabi SWF, and Chinese investors would be willing to boost their stake in Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) to 25% should the lender need to raise capital.
    • It's not the first time over the past few weeks this sort of chatter has arisen, and it surely won't be the last.
    • Nevertheless, the news provided for a nice midday spike in Deutsche's shares in Frankfurt trade. They've backed off a bit since, but remain higher by 1.8% on the session. The ADRs here are up 1% premarket.
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  • Wed, Oct. 19, 8:19 AM
    • "We're all in a long-term game," Alasdair Warren, Deutsche Bank's (NYSE:DB) head of corporate and investment banking for EMEA tells CNBC. "If you're going to be globally relevant you have to have a meaningful presence in the U.S."
    • Warren's statement follows reports from earlier this week suggesting Deutsche was considering cutting back its U.S. investment banking operation as it looks to conserve capital.
    • Speaking to the idea that capital concerns could cause a spiral in which talent and then clients abandon Deutsche, Warren says compensation is an industry issue, and banking employees everywhere are going to have to recalibrate their pay expectations.
    • As for clients, what Warren's hearing is that they want a "credible alternative" - particularly in Europe - to what's increasingly becoming a U.S.-dominated field.
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  • Sun, Oct. 16, 6:16 AM
    • Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) may be forced to shrink its U.S. activities as part of a deal to settle litigation over toxic residential MBSs with the DOJ, but "must clarify one or two things" before an agreement can be struck.
    • According to the report from Welt am Sonntag, Germany's largest bank will probably give up part of its U.S. investment banking business.
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  • Fri, Oct. 14, 2:41 PM
    • It is "inconceivable for the state to take a stake in Deutsche Bank (DB +1%)" should it opt for a capital raise, says a government source who attended a closed-door meeting with a small group of lawmakers, aides to Angela Merkel, and senior Finance Ministry officials.
    • The bank is haggling with the U.S. over a mortgage-related fine that's been floated to be as high as $14B. Meanwhile, Deutsche has just about $6B in litigation reserves.
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  • Thu, Oct. 13, 6:31 AM
    • Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) is implementing a company-wide hiring freeze as CEO John Cryan seeks to lower costs and shore up investor confidence, Bloomberg reports.
    • The bank is struggling to reverse a slide in shares that eroded almost half of its market value this year, amid concerns about mounting legal costs after the DOJ requested $14B to settle a probe into faulty securities.
    • DB -2.6% premarket
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  • Wed, Oct. 12, 2:23 PM
    • Deutsche Bank (DB +0.2%) agrees to pay $9.5M to settle SEC allegations that it failed to properly safeguard non-public information generated by its research analysts.
    • The SEC highlighted a securities law violation related to a high-profile case from earlier this year in which it accused a Deutsche Bank Securities analyst of maintaining a Buy rating on Big Lots shares while telling clients privately that he thought they should sell.
    • DB also encouraged equity analysts to communicate often with its trading desks and clients, and did not have policies and procedures in place to prevent disclosure of market-moving information, the SEC said.
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  • Mon, Oct. 10, 2:45 PM
    • A year into CEO John Cryan's plan to slash costs and exit non-core businesses, not a whole lot has gotten done at Detusche Bank (DB +2.6%). To give one example, headcount today stands at more than 101K vs. 98.6K a year earlier.
    • Another example: Total assets at the bank as of June 30 stood at €1.8T, up 6% year-over-year.
    • "There will be some tweaks, likely decided on this quarter," a source tells Reuters. "It will hit areas where the bank is making no money."
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  • Mon, Oct. 10, 4:07 AM
    • Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) CEO John Cryan wasn't able to negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department during a meeting in Washington last week, sources told Germany's Bild newspaper.
    • The two parties are planning to resume talks, however, and Cryan expects U.S. authorities to scale back their initial $14B request.
    • DB shares are down 3% in Frankfurt. They have dropped about 48% this year.
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  • Sun, Oct. 9, 3:53 AM
    • Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) is continuing to cut back the size of its derivatives book, which is not as risky as investors may believe, Chief Risk Officer Stuart Lewis told Welt am Sonntag.
    • "The €46T figure sounds gigantic... but reflects only the notional value of the contracts, while the bank's net exposure to derivatives is far lower, at around €41B.
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  • Fri, Oct. 7, 12:14 PM
    • Qatar first opened a 6.1% stake in Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) in 2014, and boosted that holding to just under 10% earlier this year. While down billions on that bet, Qatar is expected to stand behind the bank, according to an earlier report today.
    • Now hitting the wires is a report that Qatar is thinking about raising its stake in Deutsche to as high as 25%.
    • Shares +2.4%
    | Fri, Oct. 7, 12:14 PM | 11 Comments
  • Fri, Oct. 7, 3:38 AM
    • Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) is working on a public listing of its asset management division to rebuild its capital buffers, FT reports, amid pressure to shore up its balance sheet.
    • The German lender may also be looking at external financing. A report in Handelsblaat yesterday suggested that several German blue-chip companies may be prepared to offer capital should Deutsche Bank be crippled by a U.S. mortgage fine.
    | Fri, Oct. 7, 3:38 AM | 8 Comments
  • Thu, Oct. 6, 4:11 PM
    • The heads of several German blue-chip companies have been discussing the state of Deutsche Bank (DB -0.4%), and may be prepared to offer up capital should the bank be crippled by a U.S. mortgage fine, reports Handelsblatt.
    • The amount being discussed is in the low, single-digit billion euro range, according to the paper's sources.
    • Both Deutsche and the government are aware of the tentative plans.
    | Thu, Oct. 6, 4:11 PM | 4 Comments
  • Thu, Oct. 6, 8:21 AM
    • The European banks have gone "from value trap to value trade," says the team at Citigroup, noting the group is the worst-performing region/sector out of 285 tracked over the last 10 years.
    • Fundamentals still aren't great, they acknowledge, but bank valuations on both a relative and absolute basis make them a buy.
    • ETF: EUFN
    • Individual names: DB, SAN, CS, UBS, ING, BBVA
    | Thu, Oct. 6, 8:21 AM | 10 Comments
  • Thu, Oct. 6, 4:51 AM
    • One of Deutsche Bank's (NYSE:DB) problem's might have gone away. BAFIN, the German financial regulator, has found no evidence to date that the lender violated rules on money laundering in Russia.
    • The stakes are still high for Deutsche Bank as German government officials quietly meet with U.S. regulators in Washington to broker a deal that would reduce the DOJ's $14B settlement.
    | Thu, Oct. 6, 4:51 AM | 8 Comments