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  Deutsche Bank AG (DB) - NYSE

  • Husky Financial | Send Message 15 Nov 2011

    Has anyone else here seen DB's pitchbook to the ECB? If so, can someone please explain to me how any1 can be bullish at this point?
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    • Ocean Man | Send Message 15 Nov 2011
      : Wow. They seem to think the market has thusfar under-reacted to the margin hike on Italian bonds. Thanks for that link.
    • Ocean Man | Send Message 15 Nov 2011
      : I'd say 100% TVIX isn't unreasonable after reading that.
      DB vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Deutsche Bank AG is an investment bank. It offers investment, financial and related products and services to private individuals, corporate entities and institutional clients around the world.
      Sector: Financial
      Country: Germany