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    Oil Weekly Catalysts And Direction: Short Term Downside $USO, $BNO, $DBO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dgs8
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        Is Oil Patch Influence Swinging Toward The U.S.? $DBO, $DTO, $OLO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dgrz
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            Why Oil May Be Entering A Trading Range $UCO, $USO, $DBO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dew5
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                We Currently Have A Positive Medium-Term Bias On Crude Oil (ETF: $DBO $UCO, Futures: $CL). Http://Investup.Com
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                    Time To Let Go Of Your Junk $COP, $DBO, $HYG http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dcq4
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                        Big Cojones Portfolio Update (mentioned 1/20/16): $YINN +40%, $RUSL +162%, $HYG +9%, $JNK +10%, $XOP +58%, $XES +49%, $UWTI +149%, $DBO +38%
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                          : $NUGT and $JNUG would fit perfectly on that list! Up about 500% from the lows...
                        • Dr. Kris | Send Message 8 Jun
                          : nicsamy: The technical signals for gold on 1/20/16 were not that compelling, but that would have been an excellent trade!
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                            Why Oil Bears Are Still Wrong $USO, $OIL, $DBO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dazk
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                                How Enhanced Technology Is Changing The Oil Industry, Part 1: Drilling $USO, $BNO, $DBO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2d98u
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                                    US oil production to 8 MMbopd by mid-2016 http://goo.gl/RfH6kZ $USO $OIL $UCO $SCO $BNO $DTO $DBO $UWTI $USL $DWTI $DNO $SZO $OLO $OLEM
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                                        $OIL $USO $UWTI $UCO $DBO $ERX $DIG $DBE $USL $BNO Crude Oil - Above 41.90 dollars the feeling is positive http://bit.ly/1SUeBoB
                                          DBO Description
                                          The PowerShares DB Oil Fund (Fund) is based on the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index - Optimum Yield Oil Excess Return™ (Index) and managed by DB Commodity Services LLC. The Index is a rules-based index composed of futures contracts on Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) and is intended to reflect the performance of crude oil. You cannot invest directly in an index. Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.
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