Digital Cinema Destinations (DCIN) - NASDAQ
DCIN is defunct.
  • Matthew Finston | Send Message 28 Jul 2014

    compare $NGHT'S superb 1.6 Price-to-Cash-Flo ratio to $sfxe: -4.9; $dcin: 346; $gmec -13.7. compare, $AAPL: 12.6; $MSFT: 13.7; $Full: 44.8
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    • Matthew Finston | Send Message 28 Jul 2014
      : I counted 63 events for Q-2. average show brings in 26-27k. expect for 3mil in revs YTD. and 10mil in revs for 2014
    • MicroCap78 | Send Message 28 Jul 2014
      : Almost 2x last years revenue and hopefully help the stock grab some traction. Let's see if they can keep expenses down with the growth.
      • Andrew Shapiro | Send Message 26 Mar 2014

        While China led global box office gains, US exhibitors had a good year too $AMC, $CKEC $CNK $RGC $MCS $RDI $IMAX $DCIN
          • Ariana Research | Send Message 21 Feb 2014

            Digital Cinema Destinations: Investing In A Middle-Market Roll-Up Without The Private Equity Fees $DCIN
              • Philip Mause | Send Message 28 Jan 2014

                Digital Cinema Destinations Has Much More Upside Than Downside $DCIN
                  • MissionIR | Send Message 6 Jan 2014

                    Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (DCIN) Acquires 10-Screen Entertainment Complex Paragon... $DCIN
                      • andrewmozz | Send Message 19 Sep 2013

                        $DCIN is an amazing stock. this is the company brought to us by the creator of Clearview Cinemas and the upside is incredible!!!
                          • MissionIR | Send Message 29 Aug 2013

                            $DCIN Takes Audiences Far Beyond Hollywood
                              • MissionIR | Send Message 21 Aug 2013

                                $DCIN Joint Venture Kicks Off 2013-14 Series With The United States Of Football
                                  • MissionIR | Send Message 13 Aug 2013

                                    $DCIN And The Theater Digital Transformation
                                      • MissionIR | Send Message 5 Aug 2013

                                        $DCIN Inks Alternative Content Distribution Deal with In-Cinema Advertising Player
                                          Company Description
                                          Digital Cinema Destinations Corp is a motion picture exhibitor dedicated to transforming movie theatres into digital entertainment centers. It owns and operates 73 screens in eight theatres.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Entertainment - Diversified
                                          Country: United States