Dearborn Bancorp, Inc. (DEAR) - OTCPK - No Info
  • kylednaz | Send Message 15 Feb 2012

    OH DEAR!!! DE
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    • Vlad77 | Send Message 15 Feb 2012
      : hold onto it, its on its way up
    • kylednaz | Send Message 15 Feb 2012
      : Yeah i bto March 87.50 calls at the bottom, it's heading back up
      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 1 Oct 2010

        Ha, if you want high risk but high returns, check this out. I would watch DEAR and SPOXF.
          • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 10 Jul 2010

            I have more nice looking stock patterns in my scans since April: PWER IDT WDFC CNSL LSCC SPRT KLIC RENT PCYC DEAR HNR OPEN NTSC RURL JASO.
              • cullenc | Send Message 7 Feb 2010

                DEAR, WM, O, PCG, BP,C. DEAR is my spec play that looks bullish at the moment. C is a lil on the spec side.The rest have decent dividends.
                  Company Description
                  Currently, there's no company description for DEAR.
                  Sector: Financial
                  Industry: Regional - Midwest Banks
                  Country: United States