Depomed Inc. (DEPO) - NASDAQ
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    CHART OF THE DAY at 6-27-2016 BUY $DEPO at $18.88
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        Relmada's LevoCap ER Is A Target For Specialty Pharma: $RLMD $DEPO
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            Relmada's LevoCap ER Is A Target For Specialty Pharma >> // $RLMD << $DEPO $MNK $ENDP $PFE $HZNP
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                Fentanyl Claims Prince - What It Means To You $INSY, $DEPO
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                    Starboard Value takes its Depomed $DEPO stake up 10%, now owns 9.8%. Been activist since March.
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                        Starboard delivers letter to $DEPO shareholders requesting special meeting and discloses 6 BOD recommendations to replace existing board.
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                        • hatvani | Send Message 29 May
                          : Don't understand what's wrong with the existing board. Just because they did not sell out?
                          • IndyPEG | Send Message 23 May

                            $DEPO poking through 20 for first time since November
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                            • sheldond | Send Message 24 May
                              : Man I love this stock... $DEPO
                            • IndyPEG | Send Message 24 May
                              : Me too. Wish the hostiles would leave it alone so mngt can continue to focus on doing what they're doing.
                              • sheldond | Send Message 17 May

                                $DEPO this company is being accumulated since mid March sell off... Just look at the three month chart...probably my best ytd trade stock...
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                                  : Thanks sheldond, good luck with mgt,
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                                  : need a dip about now before another rip :)
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                                    my 1/26 prediction came true $DEPO went to 12.25
                                      • anomaly1 | Send Message 13 May

                                        $1.9B cash needed to buy $DEPO at 17.85 LMAO
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                                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 13 May
                                          : Can you offer additional insight here? DEPO is not a bio and BDSI is a thin micro cap with no revenue.
                                        • hatvani | Send Message 14 May
                                          : Also, why assume a cash only deal?
                                          Company Description
                                          Depomed, Inc. manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products. It is a pharmaceutical company, which focuses on the pain and other central nervous system conditions. The company product brands include Gralise, Zipsor, Lazanda, CAMBIA, NUCYNTA ER and NUCYNTA. It has developed and licensed a... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other
                                          Country: United States