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  • Randy Durig | Send Message 15 Apr

    Bang Out 16.75% YTM In Data Group's 15-Month Canadian Dollar Convertible Bonds $DGPIF http://seekingalpha.com/a/2czuc
      • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 11 Aug 2015

        Data Group's Turnaround Gives Investors A Chance To Make A Decent Return $DGPIF http://seekingalpha.com/a/21e8q
          • Saj Karsan | Send Message 7 Mar 2015

            Data Group's Debt Doesn't Reflect Improved Performance $DGPIF http://seekingalpha.com/a/1ruxu
              • 1center | Send Message 8 Feb 2015

                $DGPIF restructure working..http://bit.ly/1C7iApI
                  • dgraeber | Send Message 4 Mar 2014

                    $DGPIF Based on 3Q, losses look like paper losses (impairment of goodwill) and market cap is trading in the same ballpark as it's FCF.
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                    • Michael Blair | Send Message 4 Mar 2014
                      : Speculative but with lots of upside if the cash flows don't disappear. I am long 200,000 shares.
                    • dgraeber | Send Message 4 Mar 2014
                      : I purchased the heavier traded DGI: TSX, To me, it looks like they are using cash for long term health. Mar 6th will be important.
                    • dgraeber | Send Message 2 Mar 2015
                      : Michael - Any follow-up thoughts on this stock as it approaches earnings?
                      • dgraeber | Send Message 12 Dec 2013

                        $DGPIF..Am I reading this correct?? This entire company is now selling for less than it used to pay in an annual dividend just a year ago?
                          • Steven Reiman | Send Message 8 Nov 2013

                            $DGPIF...management really put the screws to shareholders on this one....this is why we keep speculative positions small...
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                            • tuliptown | Send Message 10 Nov 2013
                              : wow, what a drop even for a volatile micro-cap. Was this a short term had to survive thing or is management not aligned to shareholders?
                            • Steven Reiman | Send Message 10 Nov 2013
                              : management not aligned with shareholders and not incentived to keep the dividend going...I have an article going over what happened
                            • dgraeber | Send Message 12 Dec 2013
                              : mgmnt decided to use the div. to pay for debt red. and expanded service lines...sounds like a logical move. Must be something else...right?
                            • dgraeber | Send Message 2 Mar 2015
                              : Steve, Do you have any follow-up thoughts on this stock?