Nuveen Dow 30SM Dynamic Overwrite Fund (DIAX) - NYSE
  • Douglas Albo | Send Message 22 Feb

    Equity CEFs: Nobody Should Be This Bad At Investing. Nobody! $DIAX, $DIA, $DXD
      • Douglas Albo | Send Message 17 Sep 2015

        Equity CEFs: A No Brainer In The Nuveen Dow 30 Dynamic Overwrite Fund $DIAX
          • jwill53 | Send Message 22 May 2015

            Took yesterdays div and dumped the $PSEC pigs out of my Roth with a few, and i mean few, dollars gain. Reinv into safer waters(?) $DIAX
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            • jwill53 | Send Message 22 May 2015
              : to fund other acquisitions. i think DIAX is a good replacement with much less drama
            • jwill53 | Send Message 22 May 2015
              : my other thought was $IRMD, but just cant get fully behind that one yet.
              • Scott Arterburn | Send Message 24 Aug 2014

                Trying To Follow The Dow $DIAX, $DIAX
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                • Mind | Send Message 24 Aug 2014
                  : We write because we want to share ourselves and help people who are investors in the stock market.
                • Mind | Send Message 24 Aug 2014
                  : Trading and investing is not easy. It is a very a very complicated way of earning money. But iy can be done if you know the right way.
                  • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 14 Aug 2014

                    Sold $DIAX at $13.28. Gain of 2.2% in 1 week.
                      • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 7 Aug 2014

                        Bought $DIAX at $13. RSI ~ 20, oversold. Yield of 6%+. 50% covered call option coverage.
                          • John Purdum | Send Message 15 Dec 2011

                            A Spec Play: HWCC, Houson Wire And Cable, keeps showing up in my analysis. DIAX crossover hit today and is also undervalued.
                              • Jay Schembs, CFA | Send Message 25 Apr 2011

                                NFLX DIAX (days payables outstanding) continue to balloon as well.
                                  • Butch Weber | Send Message 25 Jan 2010

                                    Advice to DIAX - Ok, whats going on with DPO? Down about $3 and first dividend cut in half since July 2007! What to do? Wait for next month?
                                      Company Description
                                      The Fund will invest, under normal circumstances, substantially all of its net assets (including the proceeds of any borrowings for investment purposes) in the thirty stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in approximately the amounts such sto
                                      Sector: Financial
                                      Industry: Closed-End Fund - Equity
                                      Country: United States