DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(DMPI)- NASDAQ
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    Market Morning Sentiment: $AA $SPY, $AA, $DMPI
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        DelMar Pharmaceuticals ($DMPI) Intends To List On Senior Exchange – Raised $6.1... $DMPI, $CLDX, $CYTR
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            "Combination of $DMPI's VAL-083 & radiation showed immediate survival benefit in glioblastoma multiforme"-Primack
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                Why Immunotherapies Have Made DelMar's Lead Drug A Necessity In Brain Cancer $DMPI
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                    Delmar Pharmaceutical's is trading at 1/10th the valuation of $NWBO with and $DMPI has 100x better chance of getting FDA approval.
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                      : I talked to an oncologist in front of the $DMPI poster at ASCO in Chicago this year. He said $DMPI has an exciting drug.
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                      : Word on the street, DMPI looking to raise 10m asap. "Special through certain brokers" .80 per share, hold for 6 months. Warrants to sweeten deal ?????? anyone
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                        DelMar Pharmaceuticals: Following The Former CEO Of Celgene On His Fight Against Brain Cancer $DMPI