WisdomTree International Dividend ex-Financials ETF(DOO)- NYSEARCA
  • Matthew Davis | Send Message 4 Oct 2015

    Current holdings, $DIS, $T, $O, $DOO and holding steady. Very good dividends two of them monthly.
      • Matthew Davis | Send Message 26 Aug 2015

        I was greedy and added some $DOO amazing monthly paying 4.75% yield with decent companies.
          • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 21 Jan 2014

            Credit Suisse 1 Year Default Probability 1.24%, Up 0.09% Today $CS, $CSGKF, $DOO http://seekingalpha.com/p/1jqi7
              • Matthew Davis | Send Message 18 Nov 2012

                My mutual fund IRA, AMANX, PETDX, PAXHX, is far outperforming my dividend etf portfolio by 10%: DHS, DOO, DES, GLDX, SPFF, MITFX MMIIX
                  • Matthew Davis | Send Message 27 Oct 2012

                    DHS, DES, DOO, SPFF, SDIV, GLDX, MMIIX, MITFX Currently holding very steady with 4% avg yield
                      • Matthew Davis | Send Message 18 Oct 2012

                        With little $, Com free ETFs are my latest play. DES, DHS, DOO, GLDX, SDIV, SPFF with appropriate weighting.
                          • Matthew Davis | Send Message 11 Sep 2012

                            DOO $1 dividend per quarter, commission free, don't get better, Int'l large cap etf
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                            • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 11 Sep 2012
                              : Howard Ward, Gabelli, was on Bloomberg & divy bullish!
                              • Matthew Davis | Send Message 5 Sep 2012

                                initiated DHS, DES, DOO, GLDX, SDIV and a S call Jan '13 $3.50 strike
                                  • whidbey | Send Message 11 May 2012

                                    DOO,DEM,DHS, DLN,SDY,DEW, all dividend stocks. The metals are likely to pop, but not time yet. Keep watching Congress and fall.
                                      • User 714683 | Send Message 19 Sep 2011

                                        I thought getting stopped out of DOO for 3% was a conspiracy to shake me out, but now I'm glad.. phew
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                                        • Matthew Davis | Send Message 4 Sep 2012
                                          : Why would you day trade dividend ETFs, on Etrade they are commission free, and if you stopped out of it a day later you paid a $50 fee.
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