Market Vectors Double Short Euro ETN (DRR) - NYSEARCA
  • The Heisenberg | Send Message 17 Jun

    Stop Being So 'Negative'! $EUO, $ERO, $DRR
      • Vetr | Send Message 22 Jul 2014

        Diverging Fed, ECB Policies Pressure Euro ETFs $EUO $EUFX $DRR $UUP $FXE
          • Vlad77 | Send Message 13 Jun 2012

            DRR This ETN is crap
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            • 1980XLS-2.0 | Send Message 14 Jun 2012
              : So is the Euro!
            • Vlad77 | Send Message 14 Jun 2012
              : No doubt, my beef with this ETN is it rounds off all the price action. You will make more money in the forex market.
              • Peter Zimmerman | Send Message 8 Feb 2012

                Short the euro, and make a buck - David Weidner's Writing on the Wall - MarketWatch via @MarketWatch $EUO $FXE $DRR
                  • dak269 | Send Message 16 Nov 2011

                    Waiting for a Euro rally so I can add to my EUO or perhaps look at DRR...although it is a crowded trade
                      • deebballer | Send Message 5 Jan 2011

                        Portfolio of $TBT, $DRR, $ARUN, $PCLN, and $RVBD up 3% for me. Looking for a good financial to buy.
                          • chemarce | Send Message 21 Feb 2010

                            Euro is dead , lets go short on it DRR is a must under 1.35
                              • AlphaLoboTrading | Send Message 7 Jan 2010

                                EURO -testing weekly and monthly support levels, a break below 142.70 should help the landslide, short EURO by short FXE or long UUP and DRR
                                  • ETFdesk | Send Message 30 Dec 2009

                                    WaysToPlay: UBS Investment Research Seven Reasons to Sell the EURO $DRR $EUO $EUO #Euro #FX #MKT #ETF #Trading
                                      • ETFdesk | Send Message 17 Dec 2009

                                        WaysToPlay: Debt disaster fears rumble from Athens to London $DRR $EU $EUO How would you play it? #ETF #FX #MKT
                                          DRR Description
                                          The Market Vectors-Double Short Euro ETN seeks to track the performance of the Double Short Euro Index (DSHRTEUR).
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