DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund (DSL) - NYSE
  • timtrading | Send Message 23 Dec 2015

    bearish engulfing patterns $AR,$DSL,$FMI,$CMRX,$NEA,$FLDM,$NUV,$FCSC,$DFP,$MGLN
      • kahunabear | Send Message 26 Jun 2015

        $DSL took a bit of a beating today. Biggest discount ever? Will be interesting to see how Gundlach and Co. navigate the current environment
          • Gratian | Send Message 12 Dec 2014

            $DSL okay, I had to nibble on this CEF with an RSI of 16.38 indicating an over reaction by the market.
              • Value and Income Insights | Send Message 11 Aug 2014

                DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund: Access Jeff Gundlach At A 9.3% Discount And 8.7% Distribution $DSL
                  • inspy | Send Message 24 Mar 2014

                    Rising interest rates isn't a problem for PIMCO / DoubleLine. Love discoutned CEFs. Long $DSL, $PCI
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                    • Qniform | Send Message 29 Mar 2014
                      : I have no idea how you could reach that conclusion about DSL.
                    • inspy | Send Message 6 Apr 2014
                      : I chose $PCI over $DBL for the US RE exposure. The 8% disc is attractive (vs. 0.26% disc) & the traditional PIMCO premium may narrow the gap
                    • inspy | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                      : To each his own. Cheers
                      • Michael Fabian | Send Message 21 Feb 2014

                        Why DoubleLine Is Right On The Money $DSL
                          Company Description
                          DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund is a closed-end fund. The Fund's objective is to provide investors with current income and the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of investments.
                          Sector: Financial
                          Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
                          Country: United States