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Deutsche Telekom AG ADR (DTEGY)

  • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 23 Aug
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    • Brian Sanders | Send Message 27 Oct
      : Appreciate the stock pick list Chris. I like $BKD too. What's the driver behind $SUNE?
    • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 27 Oct
      : Brian Sanders, survival and price overshooting downward due to extremely high hedge fund concentration and hedge fund pain this year.
      • Marty Chilberg | Send Message 13 May

        Analyst Notes: $SBMRY, $DTEGY, $MCK, $WMB, $WPZ, $VIVHY, $CAG, $VIP, $Z $SBMRY, $DTEGY, $MCK
          • Adrian Horcea-Milcu | Send Message 9 Dec 2014

            Why I Bought Deutsche Telekom $DTEGY
              • Vetr | Send Message 11 Aug 2014

                Dialing up a Popular Telecom ETF $IYZ $DTEGY $WIN $T $VZ $TMUS $FCOM $S $VOX
                  • Vetr | Send Message 6 Aug 2014

                    Failed Framily: Sprint's Tumble Pressures Telecom ETFs $IYZ $DTEGY $WIN $DISH $PBS $TMUS $S $VOX
                      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 7 Apr 2014

                        Vodafone ( $VOD) Stock Rises On SoftBank Speculation: $T $VZ $S $TMUS $DTEGY $YHOO
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                        • MSF INVESTMENTS | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                          : sucking wind........
                        • buyandhold??? | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                          : do you like yhoo here, it seems cheap at $33B market cap w/ what ababa can bring
                          • Saibus Research | Send Message 15 Aug 2012

                            Sprint Has The iPhone And T-Mobile Doesn't $S $AAPL $DTEGY.PK $T $VZ
                              • The_American | Send Message 3 Jul 2012

                                S TI TEF DTEGY.PK on board with Mozilla OS and QCOM Snapdragon processors for 2013 DTEGY.PK in talk with GOOG as this morning Bloomberg AAPL
                                  • The_American | Send Message 2 Jul 2012

                                    AMT wants a part of DTEGY.PK Valuations come down across the board and those look for yield NLY AGNC there is also PT ORAN TEF TI FTR JNJ DIA
                                      • Saibus Research | Send Message 30 May 2012

                                        Apple: The Best Friend A Mobile Carrier Can Have $AAPL $CTL, $DTEGY.PK, $T, $NOK, $TMUS, $S, $T, $VOD, $VZ
                                          Company Description
                                          Deutsche Telekom (OTCQX: DTEGY) is one of Europe's leading telecommunications and information technology service companies. Deutsche Telekom is also the parent company of T-Mobile USA, one of four national wireless carriers in the U.S., with 33.7 million customers. In Europe, we are Germany's... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: Germany