DynaVox Inc.A(DVOXQ)- OTCPK - No Info
  • Randall Reese | Send Message 19 Nov 2014

    DynaVox Inc. Files Amended Proposed Plan Of Liquidation $DVOXQ http://seekingalpha.com/p/22kqz
      • interzone826 | Send Message 28 Mar 2013

        $DVOX.OB CFO has resigned according to 8-K filing. Position is being filled internally.
          • MagicDiligence | Send Message 18 Jan 2011

            New MFI stock DynaVox $DVOX.OB. Speech software for those with disabilities. Recent IPO. Growth, balance sheet look OK. Needs a closer look.
              • altaskier | Send Message 17 Sep 2010
                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 27 Aug 2010

                    Today's *Blue Plate Specials* Short Portfolio Pix: CVS, DGIT, DVOX.OB, JCG, WDC.
                      • John Ward | Send Message 25 Jun 2010

                        Some stocks that show promise: (A-list) BIDU CRM FFIV NFLX CMG WDC AKAM (B-list) WBMD DVOX.OB SPRD FNSR ARUN OPEN ASPS GIL
                          Company Description
                          Currently, there's no company description for DVOXQ.
                          Sector: Technology
                          Industry: Communication Equipment
                          Country: United States