Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) - OTCPK - Limited
  • oldorv | Send Message 17 Jun 2015

    $EAPH is alive-- if not entirely well. Perhaps there's hope? Now if $TAUG & $ERBB can come back from the brink...
      • Xvansan | Send Message 17 Jun 2015

        alright everyone, start pumping $EAPH again. I'm looking to exit around $0.03
          • oldorv | Send Message 8 Jun 2015

            $EAPH up 59% already this A.M. ! how is that even possible? o,k., $TAUG, $ERBB, now that you see how its done--let's roll...
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            • oldorv | Send Message 8 Jun 2015
              : I expect to see the profit taking in the near future but I'm staying long. 59% not nearly enough--I'm waiting for 590% go little greenies
            • Mikie713 | Send Message 8 Jun 2015
              : Canada may yet lead the way. Up coming elections early this fall could bolster legal cannabis.
              • oldorv | Send Message 28 May 2015

                $TAUG --The forgotten little penny stock jewel is getting a little respect today...now if only $ERBB and $EAPH would wake up, too...
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                • Mikie713 | Send Message 2 Jun 2015
                  : $TAUG rumbling like a hungry beast in a cave. Seriously, Long, get on the train before it busts out of the station. Chugga-a'chugga.
                • long04 | Send Message 4 Jun 2015
                  : Old hippies are the best oldorv . Its a lost generation .And chugga to you to mikie .
                  • Matthew Finston | Send Message 6 Feb 2015

                    Notes To Easton Pharma Article $EAPH http://seekingalpha.com/p/27q38
                      • Xvansan | Send Message 27 Jan 2015

                        Just realized I was still holding $EAPH. 130% return so far this year, not bad!
                          • tenjed | Send Message 27 Jan 2015

                            $EAPH This has quietly enjoyed a nice ride as of late.
                              • oldorv | Send Message 11 Jan 2015

                                $TAUG, great new products and online store; this stock has a chance for real success. Are you listening, $ERBB, $EAPH, $HEMP-OLD, $PHOT ET AL???
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                                • Meinz88 | Send Message 11 Jan 2015
                                  : I own lots of $TAUG. very happy with them
                                  • diver5029 | Send Message 4 Jan 2015

                                    $EAPH 70% UP MOVE ON 12X avg vol. What's happn'n here ? Comin' back down on Monday's profit rakin'.
                                      • stockmaster75 | Send Message 2 Jan 2015

                                        $TRTC $HEMP-OLD $GRNH $EAPH $LATF $VPOR interesting how all the pot stocks moved up after 10am. Wonder if its just a one day move
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                                        • oldorv | Send Message 5 Jan 2015
                                          : well, so far still rolling; good for you longs; I'm still expecting the down turn...I'm wrong often enough for sure though...good luck
                                        • oldorv | Send Message 6 Jan 2015
                                          : a lot of red today...don't bet the rent.
                                          Company Description
                                          Drug / OTC Research and Development
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Investment Brokerage - National
                                          Country: Canada