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    High-Quality Ex-Dividend Stocks For Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - - $APA $CL $ECOL $HIMX $PNR $TYC $WSM
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        Diamond, Rock Or Coal No. 16: US Ecology $ECOL
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                U.S. Ecology Is Poised To Return To Higher Margins $ECOL
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                    inverted hammer stocks $DO,$AMRN,$WRES,$HURN,$SJT,$ECOL,$PCYO
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                        How Much Of The $4.4 Billion Anadarko Settlement Could US Ecology Win? $ECOL
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                   Market Timing is Not a Skill One Can Model From Others $SPY $VO $HRL $ECOL $TNXP $CMP $ENH
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                              : Hi Joe, Any thoughts on TNXP after results, Do u think, PPS can see double digits again? Thanks! I am way down on this:(
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                                $ECOL - 100% Barchart technical buy signals - 9 new highs and up 15.31% in the last month - Relative Strength index 78.74%
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                           Why PE Ratios are Like Age and Ben Graham's Days are Over $HRL $ECOL $BMI $CRS $KMB $LOW $HSY $RSG
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                                      : Maybe not many net nets but...some undervalued stocks still occur with low PE's
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                                      : That's ok, I just bought groceries in the 12 times or less lane...yeah more a "lotsa good stuff in the 20s" thing, always good low PEs too
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                                          Company Description
                                          US Ecology, Inc. is a radioactive and hazardous waste services company, which provides industrial waste management and recycling services to commercial and government entities, including refineries and chemical production facilities, manufacturers, electric utilities, steel mills, medical and... More
                                          Industry: Waste Management
                                          Country: United States