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  • Gold Mining Bull | Send Message 24 Sep 2015

    Why Entree Gold Is Not Currently Worth An Investment $EGI
      • SomaBull | Send Message 20 Apr 2015

        Entrée Gold Triples In Value On Oyu Tolgoi News $EGI
          • UndurTolgoi | Send Message 6 Mar 2013

            Entrée Gold closed its C$10 million private placement to Sandstorm Gold, final part of a US$55 million financing. $EGI
              • UndurTolgoi | Send Message 27 Feb 2013

                Entree says it has not received notification from any Mongolian agency about its licences and seeks clarification. $EGI
                  • UndurTolgoi | Send Message 22 Feb 2013

                    Sandstorm pays $35M to buy into Entrée's share of the gold and silver north and south of Oyu Tolgoi. $SAND $EGI
                      • UndurTolgoi | Send Message 19 Feb 2013

                        Entrée Gold announces a $55 million financing package with Sandstorm Gold $EGI $SAND
                          • sailfast17 | Send Message 9 Jul 2012

                            EGI up 4.9% today? Do u think we can continue going long next 30 days?
                              • Rocket Robin | Send Message 20 Jan 2012

                                Shares bought on EGI at 1.03$ on Dec. 14th make me very happy today seeing them at 1.37$. Think it'll be a nice ride for few weeks. Long !!!
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                                • Rocket Robin | Send Message 21 Jan 2012
                                  : Thanks OM ! They hitted lowest levels hitted in 2008. Could have gone lower, still can go, but I think seasonality will help it now.
                                • Matthew Davis | Send Message 16 Dec 2012
                                  : Still own EGI? A buddy of mine is getting burned badly, I've been trying figure out why other than the company could be a sham.
                                  • Rocket Robin | Send Message 19 Jan 2012

                                    $EGI breaking out .. now
                                      • ACEMAN | Send Message 15 Nov 2010

                                        When the big boys choose you to do the heavy lifting, then you do it! EGI gold & copper around the world is the lead dog for TRQ and RIO.
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                                        • Henri Nostradamus | Send Message 29 Oct 2011
                                          : EGI is strongly undervalued - this could change soon.....