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Echelon Corporation (ELON)

  • Martin Vlcek | Send Message 13 Nov 2014

    Update: Echelon Refocuses On Industrial Internet Of Things As Sales Drop Continues In Q3 $ELON
      • Martin Vlcek | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

        Update: Echelon Acquires Lumewave, A Smart Street Lighting Control Provider $ELON
          • Martin Vlcek | Send Message 11 Aug 2014

            Update: Echelon's Q2 Earnings - Sales And Margins Continue Falling, Outlook Expects More Weakness $ELON
              • JoeStevenson74 | Send Message 30 Jan 2014

                Superconductor Technologies: An Extremely Undervalued Stock Poised For A Breakout $SCON, $PLUG, $ELON
                  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 22 Jan 2014
                      • The Wall Street Transcript | Send Message 21 Aug 2013

                        $ELON has great opportunities in Chinese and Brazilian markets -
                          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 10 Nov 2011

                            Short Notice: Stocks at new lows & nearing critical $5 mark: $ALSK, $ELON, $IPSU, $HMRTY. First three are optionable.
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                            • 117746 | Send Message 11 Jan 2013
                              : PLEASE TELL SOMETHING ABOUT ECHELON FUTURE.
                            • Mr. Smith AKA Big Foot | Send Message 6 Feb 2014
                              : Besides it's going to grow?! It's a small cap company. Has a good future.It's a very nice call.
                              • DFraser | Send Message 21 Dec 2009

                                Watch Energy: AA HERO ELON DO ECA
                                  • Dog of times | Send Message 5 Dec 2009

                                    Buys: ING, AIG, PLX, OPTT, ELON, CHNG.PK, BWEN. Sales: GSK, XIDEQ, VEDL. Sales, were trailing stop loss types with good gains. Buys are stopped.
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                                    • 117746 | Send Message 20 Dec 2012
                                      : Tell me smething about ECHELON after sept 07,2007 until today has drop more than 90% why? today again funny play too low.
                                    • Mr. Smith AKA Big Foot | Send Message 6 Feb 2014
                                      : 117746 That was it's opening to the public. company in neg earnings, I sells on hype. hype dies down. Possibility for growth. hype is back.
                                      • Giulio Negrini | Send Message 15 Oct 2009

                                        ELON Smart Grid Opportunities
                                          Company Description
                                          Echelon Corp develops open-standard control networking platforms, delivering all the elements necessary to design, install, monitor, and control industrial-strength communities of devices.