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  • ringbellplease | Send Message 7 May

    $ELTP Its quite elementary
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    • NYJ-E-T-S | Send Message 12 May
      : $ELTP.....dude.....seriously?.....
      • ringbellplease | Send Message 1 May

        $ELTP This stock will never reach dollar land without major R/S
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        • ringbellplease | Send Message 3 May
          : Because the market is not there!
        • hikeleader | Send Message 4 May
          : Why not?
          • NYJ-E-T-S | Send Message 14 Apr

            $ELTP: Board shake up: http://bit.ly/1qVT2hC
              • ringbellplease | Send Message 5 Apr

                $ELTP Ouch! what will happen to ELTP
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                • hikeleader | Send Message 5 Apr
                  : Ouch? What will happen? How about NDA approval by 7/14?
                • NYJ-E-T-S | Send Message 6 Apr
                  : $ELTP: ringbellplease is obviously a troll with a set agenda. Look at previous posts. Pay them no mind
                  • freegriff | Send Message 31 Mar

                    EPIC Pharma ( $ELTP partner) purchased by Chinese company Humanwell for $550M
                      • joelkatz | Send Message 17 Mar
                          • NYJ-E-T-S | Send Message 17 Mar

                            $ELTP: Can we speculate on the possibility of a buyout? Patent looks valuable. Don't see any indications of poison pills (pun intended)
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                            • Nick Santa | Send Message 17 Mar
                              : There is a poison pill in place. CEO is willing to sell, but not cheap.
                            • tromur | Send Message 19 Mar
                              : Sold today again. Breakeven. Don't like market reaction to news. Spike and sold off. Should have bounced back today.
                              • hikeleader | Send Message 17 Mar

                                $ELTP : Elite Announces U.S. FDA Priority Review Designation for SequestO NDA http://yhoo.it/1pNrpGw
                                  • ringbellplease | Send Message 14 Mar

                                    $ELTP I think we are in trouble. Pretty sure we'll get a rejection--should i get out now????
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                                    • hikeleader | Send Message 15 Mar
                                      : On what grounds do you base your expectation of rejection? All of the trials were undeniable successful and these are well known compounds.
                                    • Nick Santa | Send Message 17 Mar
                                      : NDA accepted and given priority review status. PDUFA date of July 14th. http://yhoo.it/1pNrpGw;_ylc=X1MDMTE5Nzc4NDE4NQRfZXgDMQRfeXJpZAMydWE3MGd0YmVsNGdxBGcDZFhWcFpEeHVjejQyTWpkbU5qVXpOeTAyTW1JMExUTmhaamN0WVRreE9TMWxNelprTWpNd05USTRaV1U4Wm1sbGJHUStaV3gwY0E9PQRsYW5nA2VuLVVTBG9yaWdfbGFuZwNlbgRvcmlnX3JlZ2lvbgNVUwRwb3MDMARyZWdpb24DVVMEc3ltYm9sA0VMVFA-?.tsrc=applewf
                                      Company Description
                                      Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company which is developing a pipeline of proprietary pharmacological abuse-deterrent opioid products as well as niche generic products. Elite specializes in oral sustained and controlled release drug products which have high barriers to... More
                                      Sector: Healthcare
                                      Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other
                                      Country: United States