Endocan CorporationA(ENDO)- OTCPK - No Info
  • JennyRebekka | Send Message 11 May

    I'm liking this chart on $ENDO. I'll trade the level he shows here: http://bit.ly/1T6w0LM
      • ValueWalk | Send Message 29 Oct 2015

        Lone Pine Clashes With Shorts On $MBLY Long http://tinyurl.com/pp2v2nt $JD $AMZN $VRX $AGN $ENDO $ETE $TSLA $AMZN $PCLN $FB $CHTR $MA
          • Carla Louder | Send Message 26 Oct 2015

            $zltq upped by gs, $GOOG upped to 950 Bernstein, $aapl by laden burg, $endo down by goldman
              • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 11 May 2015

                BARCHART MORNING CALL 5/11 $FMC, $AGN, $ENDO http://seekingalpha.com/p/2dhhm
                  • Matthew Finston | Send Message 25 Apr 2014

                    It is hightime for another 'Marijuana Schwag' article.Suggestions? $ttdz $utrm $endo $mjna $attbf $ntrr $mdbx $trtc $phot $cann $brdt $hemp?
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                    • Mikie713 | Send Message 28 Apr 2014
                      : No knowledge of wolfpack pump on $STEV, this is the first I've heard of it. Not nec. a bad thing.
                    • belgium | Send Message 28 Apr 2014
                      : No plans to go public for Ebbu is correct.
                      • shawn d | Send Message 23 Apr 2014

                        Good time to make a move on MJ industry stocks $ERBB, $ENDO, $VPOR. Most solid mover $MFST
                          • shawn d | Send Message 23 Apr 2014

                            $ENDO today will be the 5th consecutive day ENDO will close in the green. Completely opposite of the rest of the industry for the last week
                              • Mikie713 | Send Message 20 Apr 2014

                                Happy 4/20! Cannabis Cup Highlights! $ERBB $PRRE $CANN $CVSI $CBGI $ENDO $FSPM $GWPH $HEMP-OLD $MJNA http://bit.ly/1gKiryB
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                                • Mikie713 | Send Message 21 Apr 2014
                                  : Yeah the box itself looks a few decades old. Also, looking at the bigger picture, market has already rewarded $ERBB shareholders.
                                • Mikie713 | Send Message 21 Apr 2014
                                  : THis day was factored into share price weeks and weeks ago. Next level up will be a few months away when revs roll in from said box
                                  • Mikie713 | Send Message 17 Apr 2014

                                    Buy signals up on $MJNA $VPOR $XTRM $GRNH $ERBB $NRTI $AVTCQ $ENRT $RFMK $ICBU $FITX $DSCR $ENDO $BRDT $ATTBF americanbulls.com
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                                    • Mikie713 | Send Message 17 Apr 2014
                                      : Just about the entire sector has a green light.
                                    • cgrahamthomasjohn | Send Message 22 Apr 2014
                                      : buy signals $VGPR-OLD, $TGGI, $MCET GET IN now @foxbusiness @foxnews
                                      • Abdalla Al-ayrot | Send Message 1 Apr 2014

                                        New instablog on $ENDO http://bit.ly/1olVE4P