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Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENZN)

  • danepearson | Send Message 27 Oct

    $ENZN down 10%+, any news?
      • timtrading | Send Message 20 Aug

        $ENZN Bullish Harami Stocks
          • danepearson | Send Message 12 Aug

            I would have thought $ENZN would be up today with the $0.50/share special dividend being paid out...
              • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 22 Jul

                {video} Stock Chart Analysis $VDSI 4DUST $ERY $ENZN $ALNY $EYES $GOOGL $CALM
                  • PatrickTS | Send Message 13 Jul

                    Interesting stocks for Monday 13.07.2015: $ENZN $KONE $SGYP $ZGNX
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                    • matratra | Send Message 13 Jul
                      : sold ZGNX on Friday at $15.55
                      • ClLockwood | Send Message 13 Jul

                        $ENZN is an old pumpy. Hope gap up for short and back side.
                          • DavidOWagner | Send Message 13 Jul

                            Stocks which worth to watch for short play $BPOP, $RAX, $ORC, $ENZN, $ZGNX, $KONE, $SGYP.
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                            • T-time | Send Message 13 Jul
                              : Shorting SGYP probably not smart. Expecting PIII results any day now...
                            • DavidOWagner | Send Message 13 Jul
                              : Some people lose their confidence while waiting PIII results and watching Chinese and Greece impact on stock price. So it's still volatile.
                              • PatrickTS | Send Message 10 Jul

                                Tickers for Friday 10.07.2015: $CLNE $ENZN $SGYP $XOMA
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                                • matratra | Send Message 10 Jul
                                  : Look at SNY & REGN for their product.
                                  • ada2015 | Send Message 6 Jul

                                    $ENZN Buy more or not? It is at $1.37
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                                    • matratra | Send Message 6 Jul
                                      : First, no reason to up but high volume unless uncle Carl made more investment in small company.
                                      • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 6 Jun

                                        {VIDEO} Best Stock Picks $IWM $DIA $ENZN $CWRN $SCLN $ATML $SMH $PMCS
                                          Company Description
                                          Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc is related to sales of drugs by various companies. It generates revenues from the sales of products namely, PegIntron, Sylatron, Macugen and CIMZIA.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States