Emerald Oil, Inc.(EOX)- NYSEMKT
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    Emerald Oil - Stock Should Be Worth Zero After Chapter 11 Filing $EOX http://seekingalpha.com/a/2cxte
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        $EOX Emerald Oil has filed for bankruptcy protection tonight in Delaware http://bit.ly/1WH1UkU
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            Top % Gainers: $BRKO 127%, $EGLE 121%, $LNCOQ 117%, $LINEQ 103%, $BBEPQ 75%, $REXX 65%, $LGCY $TPLM $HK $BCEI $EOX $SGY $EXXIQ $GASL $GNK $NVIV
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                        Bakken Update: Reiterating A Short On Emerald Oil Which Is Down 99% Since The Call $EOX http://seekingalpha.com/a/2a4tq
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                            Emerald Oil: Currently In A State Of Limbo $EOX http://seekingalpha.com/a/2a6k8
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                                Shared National Credits Review Notes High Credit Risk and Weaknesses Related to Leveraged Lending and Oil&Gas. $HK $LINEQ $GDPM $SFY $SD $EOX
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                                  : This is what analysts do not want to talk about [tell investors]. This [these] crisis [conflicts] in #Syria #Yemen are also 1 big pissing..
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                                  : ..contest[s] between [Putin] Russia and Saudi Arabia [USA and Europe] in deciding http://bit.ly/1nDgVIo who have [has] the big[est] balls.O
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                                    Borrowing Base Redetermination Forces Emerald Oil To Seek New Funding $EOX http://seekingalpha.com/a/24jre
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                                      : According to law firm Haynes & Boone, 42 O&G Co's. $HK $EOX $MPO $SXE http://tinyurl.com/hagk28c filed for bankruptcy in N.America in 2015.
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                                        Atlas Resource $ARP $2.70 -5.59% http://tinyurl.com/pbeugho $EOX $DNR $CRK $HK $GDPM $AXAS $KOG http://tinyurl.com/qge9643 $USO $OIL NASDAQ
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                                          : ''Just need ACTUAL [BKs] bankrupts.'' $AXAS $BBEPQ $PQ $REN $TPLM http://bloom.bg/1nzUAMi http://bit.ly/20guwUl Bloomberg Chris Lau SA
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                                          : Saw Libyan oil stuff bombed. Just a beginning. I'd rather make profit for a different reason though