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Enterprise Products Partners L.P (EPD)

  • Ocean Man | Send Message 2 Oct

    Trimmed some $EPD after a 25% gain over the past 3 days.
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    • smitsky | Send Message 2 Oct
      : Nice trade OM! Great!
    • det9 | Send Message 2 Oct
      : Big one there.. Nice
      • Destin | Send Message 2 Oct

        $EPD that is one hell of a weekly candlestick. Did not have the stones to add unfortunately.
          • Kevin Chapman | Send Message 1 Oct

            Quite a few big MLPs are up ~10%+ since tuesdays close. $PAA, $EPD, $MMP, $KMI
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            • Kevin Chapman | Send Message 1 Oct
              : Loving that $EPD divy raise
            • Kevin Chapman | Send Message 1 Oct
              : Quite a few of these are also testing 20 day SMA... should be interesting.
              • Debutant | Send Message 30 Sep

                Yesterday's losers ($ARP, $EPD, $PBR.A) are today's winners for me. Tomorrow ??????
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                • Ranma | Send Message 30 Sep
                  : Knowing who is selling tells you when it might go back up.
                • Debutant | Send Message 30 Sep
                  : I think the selling today is done by those who have been selling yesterday, and the day before, and before, and still before.
                  • 7iron10 | Send Message 29 Sep

                    Second day in a row - now THIS is blood in the streets, right? $EPD $ETP $WPZ
                      • Bob Ciura | Send Message 28 Sep

                        Enterprise Products Partners: This 6.5% Yield Is A Steal For Income Investors $EPD
                          • abdullah999 | Send Message 24 Sep

                            $KMI $EPD $MMP $PAA: the question is if the yields on offer are sustainable. The selling has been relentless. It feels like a crisis
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                            • TraderJoeF | Send Message 24 Sep
                              : Yes Abdullah, but you'll always have the demand and the liquids flowing through the pipes. Even if smaller companies will be crunched dead
                            • D-struction | Send Message 25 Sep
                              : $TLLP, forgot about that one CB. Agreed, TJ, pipelines are always a safe-ish bet.
                              • Ocean Man | Send Message 24 Sep

                                Added to $EPD at $24.85. Yield is 6.1%.
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                                • Ocean Man | Send Message 30 Sep
                                  : But it's ridiculous that $EPD would fall 20% on this news and be down more than 40% YTD.
                                • Ocean Man | Send Message 30 Sep
                                  : The market seems to agree with me.....
                                  • Manny Backus | Send Message 14 Sep

                                    $MCC, $EPD fed fears have killed these stocks, but now is the time to buy
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                                    • dalatinIJR | Send Message 15 Sep
                                      : $MCC acting quite well after miss. Long
                                    • Manny Backus | Send Message 15 Sep
                                      : Yes, agree. Thanks! Manny
                                      • ADS Insights | Send Message 2 Sep

                                        Enterprise Products Partners - A Tricky Situation $EPD
                                          EPD vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Enterprise Products Partners LP is a energy company. It provides services to producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil and certain petrochemicals.