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  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 23 Jan

    The Canadian Dollar's Rapid Deflation: A Precarious Predicament for the Bank of Canada $FXC $EWC
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    • Dr. Duru | Send Message 24 Jan
      : True. Probably because of Canada's more diversified economy and strong financial system.
    • dalatinIJR | Send Message 24 Jan
      : Agree 100%
      • cfetrader | Send Message 8 Jan

        $EWC $FXC The TSX advance/decline pattern is corrective; 2 options for B-wave ending; Target USDCAD is 1.430
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        • cfetrader | Send Message 8 Jan
          : Personal selection of Canadian stocks based on TimmiesRegular Instablog (1) (2)
          • cfetrader | Send Message 31 Oct 2015

            ($EWC) Toronto Stock Exchange TSX index long term chart. For months ahead high degree of volatility expected.
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            • cfetrader | Send Message 31 Oct 2015
              : Weekly TSX chart with possible index value oscillations.
              • Eric Bush, CFA | Send Message 28 Sep 2015

                Which iShares Country ETFs Are Worth Your Investment Capital? $EWC, $EWJ, $EWG
                  • Chris Lau | Send Message 17 Sep 2015

                    Bet Against Canada's Dollar $EWC
                      • Wolf Richter | Send Message 6 Sep 2015

                        What's Coming Unglued Now In Canada? $EWC
                          • TheBaron Investing | Send Message 22 Jul 2015

                            EWC: Consider Choosing Canada $EWC
                              • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 20 Jul 2015

                                Canada: Model Validation For Interest Rate Risk, A Worked Example $TLT, $EWC, $TBT
                                  • 11146471 | Send Message 8 Jun 2015

                                    $EWC: Canadian investors believe the sky is falling today and fire sale incredible assets on a rainy day...How stupid of them
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                                    • 11146471 | Send Message 8 Jun 2015
                                      : And the reason : Economy and labor markets grew faster and healthier than expected...What can you say...
                                    • raykrv6a | Send Message 8 Jun 2015
                                      : Maybe that's why the Canadian dollar is called the Loonie?
                                      • 11146471 | Send Message 5 Jun 2015

                                        $EWC: Way to go Canada!!! Expect a big move up for the loonie (CAD)!
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                                        • Macreeze | Send Message 5 Jun 2015
                                          : Seems to be going the other way? For now at least. There was a short-lived bump earlier..
                                        • 11146471 | Send Message 5 Jun 2015
                                          : We will see...In any case I am not talking on a daytrade basis.
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                                          The iShares MSCI Canada Index Fund seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of publicly traded securities in the Canadian market, as measured by the MSCI Canada Index.
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