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  Ford Motor Company - NYSE

11/24/2014, 3:27 PM ET
  • golfitobob | Send Message 9 Oct 2011

    Merkal & Sarkosy's b/s.We announce by mnths end final sol! The F/G alliance will address & wk with Trioka.Will cap banks & adjust % losses
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    • Irishmedic | Send Message 9 Oct 2011
      : In the absence of something actual, I think this is weak, just more talk for now. The market needs actualy what are you going to do,numbers!
    • golfitobob | Send Message 9 Oct 2011
      : I had hope of big announcement,got to be ready & 8am IF futures are bad. red -- black Ball spinning now Where ball stops? Just not 0-0, lol
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      Company Description
      Ford Motor Co is a producer of cars and trucks. Its business is divided into two segments: Automotive and Financial Services.