First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund

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  • George Spritzer, CFA | Send Message 11 May 2015

    This Leveraged Global Bond CEF Is On Sale $FAM
      • pokalolo | Send Message 21 Nov 2014

        $FAM I like these guys & just entered a GTC bid $12.50.Biding lower,but, I like 11% yields & monthly payers. Maybe a bad day will get me in
          • gawilley | Send Message 21 Feb 2014

            $FAM slashed the divvy from .13 to .11 - citing problems ahead with earnings in the rising interest rate environment... Sold all of mine!
              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 15 Oct 2010

                Go Global! Making new highs today are global & emerging mkt income funds: AWF, FAM, JGV, MFD, EDD. D/y's 4-7%.
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                • COBeeMan | Send Message 14 Mar 2013
                  : What is going on with $AWF today?
                • johnnyvolvo | Send Message 15 Aug 2013
                  : Absolutely nothing wrong in my book! $AWF is getting close to my buy in point again!
                  • Akaralph | Send Message 13 Jan 2010

                    Moving out of international CEF's with major bond positions in light of potential central bank moves. Sold both GDF and FAM.
                      • Akaralph | Send Message 20 Sep 2009

                        Continuing to be defensive - for now. Looking to purchase FAM and AWF this week.
                          Company Description
                          The Funds primary investment objective is to seek a high level of current income. As a secondary objective, the Fund will seek capital appreciation. The Fund will invest in the world bond markets through a diversified portfolio of investment grade and belo