Farmer Brothers Company

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  • mister-ugly | Send Message 7 Dec 2015

    $GMCR,$FARM,$SBUX,$JVA: with buyout surprising market interest in last remaining wholesaler of beans to GMCR etc and packaged coffee JVA
      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 26 Nov 2015

        Coffee Holding Company: The Little Coffee Company Who Couldn't So Far, but Might! $JVA, $GMCR, $FARM
          • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Sep 2015

            $JVA, $JO,$CAFE,$FARM,$SBUX: with Coffee Futures near Bottom JVA Buyback of 33% plus stock; Going on Offense leaving fewer shares Short!
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            • WaveRider007 | Send Message 29 Sep 2015
              : $SBUX - this may be a double top forming now....$SBUX is like real-estate, it gets expensive quickly when no one is buying...
            • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Sep 2015
              : correction: $2Million in $ which up to 500,000 shares or up to 8% a Healthy number!!! Though I prefferred long lost Dividend Re-instated
              • Doyle Publishing Ltd. | Send Message 18 Sep 2015

                On Farmer Brothers And Downside Risk $FARM
                  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 8 Aug 2015

                    $JVA, $GMCR, $FARM-still loving all threehttps://!
                      • mister-ugly | Send Message 4 Jun 2015

                        $SBUX,$FARM,$JVA,$GMCR,$JO,$CAFE: COFFEE FUTURES BOUNCING HIGHER off bottom will El Nino be in play? Viet Nam, Indonesia Not Selling
                          • Koral Capital | Send Message 28 May 2015

                            Corporate Relocation Plan Will Cut Costs And Boost Earnings $FARM
                              • Mark Krieger | Send Message 18 May 2015

                                $FARM,$JVA:good chance Tony Brenner over at Roth Capital will start coverage on JVA. Did a great job On FARM,initially recommending at $10
                                  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 2 May 2015
                                      • Alpha Gen Capital | Send Message 24 Apr 2015

                                        Farmer Brothers: Relocation Plan Should Vastly Improve Earnings Power $FARM
                                          Company Description
                                          Farmer Bros Co is engaged in roasting, packaging and distribution of coffee, tea and culinary products to restaurant chains, hotels, casinos, hospitals, food service providers, convenience stores and gourmet coffee houses.