First Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index ETF(FBT)- NYSEARCA
  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 10 Aug

    Biotech blues: Biotech etfs $FBT $IBB $XBI $BBH all falling through first line of support.
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    • Dr. Kris | Send Message 10 Aug
      : Tried to pick up some $XBI puts but couldn't catch them in time. Prices are a bit inflated due to heightened volatility anyway.
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 1 Aug

        Biotech gets a boost: Biotech etfs popping above major resistance--$XBI $FBT $BBH $IBB. All +1.8-2.6% on above normal volume.
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        • sheldond | Send Message 1 Aug
          : i believe I called IBB rebound could get us to another all time high... trimmed some by selling $ABBV today still overweight sector
          • Tom Lydon | Send Message 22 Mar

            SPY: A Cheap ETF Sector Play $AMGN, $BBH, $FBT
              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 5 Feb

                Bio-hazard: Biotech etfs $IBB $FBT $BBH all breaking support levels to notch new yearly lows.
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                • oneotherfool | Send Message 5 Feb
                  : Strange. Do you mean today? None of them broke new 52-week low today, when I check on google finance.
                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 28 Jan

                    Bio-bad: Biotech etfs $IBB $BBH $FBT all off 30-35% since mid-July peaks. Still looks like they have more room to fall.
                      • Brad Kenagy | Send Message 24 Dec 2015

                        Celyad: An Unknown Biotech That Will Fix Your Broken Heart $CYAD $IBB $XBI $FBT $SBIO $BBC $BBP $BBH
                          • Reuben Sushman | Send Message 8 Dec 2015

                            FBT Was +47.55% In 2014 And +10.00% YTD. Will The Returns Continue In 2016? $FBT
                              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 30 Sep 2015

                                New sector etf death crosses: Healthcare $XLV $IXJ. Pending death crosses: Regional banks $IAT, Biotech $FBT.
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                                • X Oil-Field | Send Message 30 Sep 2015
                                  : *
                                • Dr. Kris | Send Message 30 Sep 2015
                                  : Not much left standing, sad to say.
                                  • Hope128 | Send Message 24 Aug 2015

                                    $FBT bounced 70% from today's low 64, $BIDU 42% from low 100, these are not even small caps.
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                                    • jeezuz30 | Send Message 24 Aug 2015
                                      : About a 12% intraday correction for $SPX, beating out last October and highest since 2012
                                    • Hope128 | Send Message 24 Aug 2015
                                      : $AAPL is trying to save the market, Tim Cook of Apple Seeks to Quell China Fears in Email to Jim Cramer.
                                      • TomAspray | Send Message 22 Apr 2015

                                        Has Biotech Turned The Corner? $FBT, $IBB, $SGEN
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