First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

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  • David Butler | Send Message 29 Sep 2015

    First Commonwealth: The Bank I'm Watching This Month $FCF
      • David Butler | Send Message 20 May 2015

        First Commonwealth Financial Corporation: A Safe Dividend To Add To The Portfolio $FCF
          • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 18 Apr 2013

            $FCF - 80% Barchart short term technical sell signal - 9.95% off its recent high - Relative strength Index 35.80%
              • Valuable Insights | Send Message 9 Nov 2012

                $IMOS Taiwan with October numbers way above expectations. Will get ignored, but stock is a screaming but at 2.5x FCF
                  • TripaxCap | Send Message 7 Nov 2012

                    IACI pounded on technicals since earnings release but now trades at ~10% FCF yield after strong earnings report. Oversold on fundamentals.
                      • David White | Send Message 26 Oct 2012

                        AMZN: Missed badly on EPS (-$0.60/share), but we all know the HFT/momentum traders love revenues (+27%). Still FCF was -31% vs Q3 2011.
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                        • David White | Send Message 26 Oct 2012
                          : bound to cut into AMZN margins eventually. Can't be good, especially after ugly EPS results.
                        • 1980XLS-2.0 | Send Message 26 Oct 2012
                          : I will buy @ $50
                          • Zach Tripp | Send Message 21 Oct 2012

                            $DFZ RG Barry entered by screen. Covered dividend, reasonable P/FCF
                              • Zach Tripp | Send Message 17 Oct 2012

                                $KO: FCF/share up 21% from last year (9-months ending in Sept). Div payout @ 40% of FCF. Time to determine entry point.
                                  • Valuable Insights | Send Message 28 Sep 2012

                                    $IMOS 6F filing says 235k shares repurchased in month since buyback. 1/3 of $10M buyback. Mgmt saying stock is CHEAP w ith 25% FCF yield.
                                      • Valuable Insights | Send Message 14 Sep 2012

                                        IMOS moving up nicely, but still only 4x EV/FCF - their buyback begins on Monday after self-imposed 4 week blackout. Expect further move.
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                                        • Valuable Insights | Send Message 15 Sep 2012
                                          : This will be a $30 stock. IMOS has $4 free cash flow per year. They did that in '11 and will in '12. No net debt by year-end '12. Own it.
                                        • David Wren | Send Message 18 Sep 2012
                                          : Great, thanks. Got back into it. Gonna keep watching it closely
                                          Company Description
                                          First Commonwealth Financial Corp is a financial holding company. The Company provides consumer and commercial banking services through its bank subsidiary, First Commonwealth Bank. The Company also provides trust and wealth management services.