Foresight Energy LP

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  • ipahophead | Send Message 29 Dec 2015

    Liquidated $FELP as tax loss ~$2.88. Considering next steps beyond waiting 30 days to re-enter? Neither FEGP nor Murray Energy Crop public,
      • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 22 Dec 2015

        Deutsche Bank Downgrades Miners En Masse And Investors Are Running: $AKS $FELP $X $ARLP
          • ComputerBlue | Send Message 10 Dec 2015

            $FELP: Insider buying yesterday.
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            • Insider-Alerts | Send Message 10 Dec 2015
              : Hedge fund purchase, not officer or director.
              • ipahophead | Send Message 4 Dec 2015

                The $FELP knife is now a guillotine; closed at new 52-week low $2.85. Lawsuit news = investor towel throwing?
                  • ipahophead | Send Message 30 Nov 2015

                    The $FELP knife continues to fall; ugly. Related to continued deliberations re: ex-Massey Energy CEO?
                      • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 30 Oct 2015

                        Foresight Energy 1 Year Default Probability Climbs 2.49% To 4.90% Today $FELP
                          • timtrading | Send Message 30 Oct 2015
                              • ipahophead | Send Message 29 Sep 2015

                                $FELP hammered today; dropping like a rock (-16%) hitting 52-week lows all the way down. No news I can find. Anyone?
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                                • ipahophead | Send Message 29 Sep 2015
                                  : Adding to $FELP at $5.25. I can find no news, no SEC filings, no downgrades, etc. Mr. Market just hates MLPs. Twice. Naked.
                                • Biological | Send Message 13 Oct 2015
                                  : You've done well. Congrats.
                                  • Munger Fan | Send Message 23 Sep 2015

                                    An Analysis Of Foresight Energy And Its Margin Of Safety $FELP
                                      • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 1 Aug 2015

                                        Analysts expect 11% EPS growth next year at $FELP:
                                          Company Description
                                          aForesight Energy LP is a low cost producer of thermal coal with expertise in operating and developing productive underground mines in the Illinois Basin.