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Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX)

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  • petenebraska | Send Message 24 Sep

    $FITX As the new PR is released and circulated through the interwebs, what is everyone's reaction/impression/plan?
      • jman66 | Send Message 31 Jul

        $MDCN-OLD $FITX Closed yesterday at .0001. I'll watch it it go down the drain like FITX!. Nice try on pump. Stick to the dump.
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        • nase8 | Send Message 31 Jul
          : it had that 400% pop a month or so about dead cat bounce think shes really dead now
          • jman66 | Send Message 3 Jun

            $FITX 5M shares traded today? Didn't think there was anyone left with shares! I followed what Bill did and SOLD OUT!. Anyone left do same!
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            • nase8 | Send Message 4 Jun
              : lol ^ you sound like all the FITXers now
            • jman66 | Send Message 15 Jul
              : $FITX People still in this stock. High volume traded today. Can't figure that one out. Suckers born every minute.
              • jman66 | Send Message 19 May

                $FITX We all got Bill-shited. Nase8 is right, and so is Matt. Hope for a bounce and you will believe anything. Company is D-E-A-D.
                  • helm2war | Send Message 6 May

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                    • Investor RockieK | Send Message 6 May
                      : Shhhhhhhh. stop shouting .... Perkins Cove is trying to sleep at his monitor ....
                      • Matthew Finston | Send Message 4 May

                        'Regarding Creative Edge Nutrition' What I Sent To The SEC $FITX
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                        • long04 | Send Message 8 May
                          : You make quite a living ripping people off don't you .
                        • long04 | Send Message 11 May
                          : actually butt FU life moves on with or with out you .
                          • Isak Webber | Send Message 4 May

                            Got any questions $FITX
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                            • jman66 | Send Message 3 Jun
                              : $FITX nase8 is correct. This stock POS and HC will NEVER do business with them. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! I feel bad for anyone left in it too!
                            • jman66 | Send Message 3 Jun
                              : $FITX But you stay long Long04...Stay long and strong boy! When you are broke let us know and I will feel bad for you, but were warned.
                              • rise51 | Send Message 3 May

                                CEN BIOTECH'S BOLD VENTURE: RULING WITH THE LAW $FITX
                                  • Matthew Finston | Send Message 30 Apr

                                    ICYMI: Proof Bill lied to HC, misled investors, & gross neg. + $FITX admits BOD = 4 5yr-olds playing w teacup
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                                    • mjnoob | Send Message 30 Apr
                                      : Anyone besides rise51, still a billieber?
                                    • Matthew Finston | Send Message 30 Apr
                                      : CEN BIOTECH LONG 1,043 members; Members (2,053) CEN Biotech/Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (FITX) board
                                      • Isak Webber | Send Message 3 Apr

                                        Any questions? $FITX
                                          Company Description
                                          Cenergy Nutrition is one of the newest companies in the field of sports nutrition. With its in-house scientific development team and master product formulators and flavor specialists; we take sports nutrition innovation to the next level. Leaps and bounds over other brands. Cenergy is engineered... More