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Federated National Holding Company (FNHC)

  • Steve Guenette | Send Message 22 Aug

    Federated National Holding Company: Future Growth Prospects Are Sunny $FNHC
      • The_Fieldman | Send Message 9 Aug

        $FNHC Earnings but still no div to speak of,I think there is a blackhole near the back door of the co.C&D issued by FL OIR but no news on it
          • Jack Sadler | Send Message 5 Aug

            $FNHC Smashes estimates! Looking forward to the reaction tomorrow
              • Jack Sadler | Send Message 30 Jun

                From Florida to your portfolio, this is a small cap stock with huge upside and a margin of safety $FNHC
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                • Jack Sadler | Send Message 30 Jun
                  : Not a lot of large Insurance companies have a good market share in Florida
                • The_Fieldman | Send Message 9 Aug
                  : FL residents don't have a choice but to use a small company for homeowners insurance.There are good ones and bad ones. $FNHC =not good.
                  • Jack Sadler | Send Message 29 Jun

                    $FNHC a small cap company with 70% upside and very strong Margin of Safety
                      • Jack Sadler | Send Message 28 Jun

                        Federated National: A Small Cap Insurance Company With 70% Upside $FNHC
                          • Joseph Duncan | Send Message 23 Apr

                            Federated National Holding Company: A Follow Up $FNHC
                              • timtrading | Send Message 6 Apr

                                $FNHC bearish engulfing pattern, watch out!
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                                • joelkatz | Send Message 1 May
                                  : * Good Warning
                                • timtrading | Send Message 1 May
                                  : thanks. :)
                                  • dserradas | Send Message 19 Nov 2014

                                    Why is $FNHC surging today? Not complaining...
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                                    • joelkatz | Send Message 1 May
                                      : cameron0208 are you still in $FNHC?
                                    • cameron0208 | Send Message 1 May
                                      : Nah, I could not take the wild swings and the too little information anymore
                                      • cameron0208 | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

                                        $FNHC,your chart looks amazing, but it took many slow months to get over $30, but only a couple days to fall. Will sell and return later.
                                          Company Description
                                          Federated National Holding Co. is an insurance holding company controlling all steps in the insurance underwriting, distribution and claims processes through its subsidiaries and its contractual relationships with independent agents and general agents.