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Fifth Street Finance (FSC)

  • William Packer | Send Message 18 Nov

    My clients have a huge position now in $FSC. Much of the buying was done in the $5s as I stated here before. So cost average isn't bad.
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    • Fotheringay-Phipps | Send Message 19 Nov
      : More important than the level of the fees is the structure of the fees. As it stands now, unprofitable growth rewards FSAM and punishes FSC.
    • William Packer | Send Message 19 Nov
      : Watermark on incentive would fix that...
      • William Packer | Send Message 17 Nov

        $FSC is the winner here vs $FSAM high fees with small 7.7% ROE based on NAV. Buy $FSC to benefit from River news. Agreement within 60 days.
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        • William Packer | Send Message 17 Nov
          : Fees will be cut to 1.50% from 2% base, buyback program to be changed to 7-10% per year of shares.
          • William Packer | Send Message 6 Nov

            Time to sell $FSC. (See my prior FSC posts) $6.20
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            • William Packer | Send Message 6 Nov
              : As a trade, you can run MDLY to about $8 and then sell if you want. I personally am holding this one long term.
            • BTD70 | Send Message 8 Nov
              : William, I did trade $FSC as a swing-trade. Sold a little early but a gain is a gain. Thanks.
              • Sean Dougherty | Send Message 4 Nov

                BDC's Investments In JV Loan Funds Will Boost Their Investment Yield And Net Interest Income - A... $FSC
                  • William Packer | Send Message 1 Nov

                    Bottom is likely in for BDCs. (Or close to it) I am making an alpha-generating bet for clients. Buying $MCC, $PSEC, $FSC, $TCAP and others.
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                    • William Packer | Send Message 1 Nov
                      : Clients will be 100% long going forward.
                    • William Packer | Send Message 1 Nov
                      : It makes sense to target the BDC sector to generate strong returns and avoid frothy market valuations in other sectors.
                      • YoungerDGInvestor | Send Message 28 Oct

                        FSC - Analyzing The Continued Sell-Off, Opportunity Or Disaster? $FSC
                          • pookeye | Send Message 28 Oct

                            hell is going on with $FSC, freaking in the 5 dollar range?!?!
                              • BTD70 | Send Message 27 Oct

                                Long $NMM @ 7.27, $GNRC @ 27.51, $FSC @ 5.58, $SLCA @ 15.15 and $SN @ 5.66. Swings. Trim $GNRC $NMM is miss earnings.
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                                • BTD70 | Send Message 29 Oct
                                  : LOL, PosP! I just trade when I have time, to learn. Not seeing much today. $CXW maybe for swing if dips more, but earnings next week.
                                • BTD70 | Send Message 2 Nov
                                  : Today scoping $SN for 5.50ish entry and $NMM for sub-7 IF they miss earnings.
                                  • William Packer | Send Message 23 Oct

                                    Large buyer is accumulating $FSC. They are trying to be sneaky about it. Buy it as a trade, imo. $5.63
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                                    • William Packer | Send Message 23 Oct
                                      : In my opinion, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an overextended dip.
                                    • William Packer | Send Message 23 Oct
                                      : Run it back to $6.10 to $6.20 and sell... Move capital elsewhere like $MCC or $MDLY. Etc. will depend on pricing... Etc.
                                      • goofus | Send Message 22 Oct

                                        Someone should write an article on the recent decline of $FSC.
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                                        • Investor RockieK | Send Message 22 Oct
                                          : Go to the home page and click on the orange "Become a Contributor" banner on the lower right
                                          Company Description
                                          Fifth Street Finance Corporation is a a speciality finance company. It invests in small and mid-sized companies in connection with investments by private equity sponsors.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Credit Services
                                          Country: United States