FAB Universal Corp.(FU)- NYSEMKT
FU is defunct.
  • John Motyka | Send Message 23 Mar 2015

    News 03-23-2015: $FU Defunct-How does this effect $FUTU?...jdm
      • Tesla Revolution | Send Message 16 Aug 2014

          • rstar2503 | Send Message 15 Jul 2014

            $FU Filed are they back yet?
              • Alfred Little | Send Message 11 Jul 2014

                FAB Universal: Glaring Contradictions In Its 2013 10-K $FU http://seekingalpha.com/a/1djgv
                  • Valuable Insights | Send Message 13 Jun 2014

                    What determines if/when $NQ gets halted? Was short last year when $FU got halted. SEC timing appears arbitrary...
                      • carprob03 | Send Message 6 May 2014

                        $FU is not delisting. FAB is waiting for Loeb report and will then file a plan.
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                        • John Motyka | Send Message 6 May 2014
                          : $FU: Too darn inscrutible for the Perp Walk...Geez...jdm
                          • John Motyka | Send Message 24 Apr 2014

                            rstar: Looks like we're alone on this. Does $FUTU stand separate from the ill-fated $FU? Or what? Sure is lonely out here...jdm
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                            • rstar2503 | Send Message 25 Apr 2014
                              : Wait till $FU delists. Get away from SEC
                              • John Motyka | Send Message 6 Apr 2014

                                $FU: Jim Rodgers sighted boarding flight out of Malaysia several weeks ago. Disappeared to parts unknown...jdm
                                  • John Motyka | Send Message 6 Apr 2014

                                    $FUTU: Wild price moves on 1600 shr volume. I still HOLD Anyone out there know anything about this company or the ill-fated $FU?? Hello? jdm
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                                    • rstar2503 | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                                      : $FU phone line is up and running.Not out of business yet?
                                      • Stockexpertpro | Send Message 1 Apr 2014

                                        $KUTV SEC Needs to HALT This China Scam Reminds me of $FU Worthless POS
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                                        • Patent News | Send Message 1 Apr 2014
                                          : prolly
                                          Company Description
                                          FAB Universal Corp provides sale of digital media through various platforms. Additionally, it licenses its kiosk business & provides podcasts hosting services. Its Software business sells & supports speech recognition and text-to-speech technology.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Application Software
                                          Country: United States