CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust ETF

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  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 4 Feb

    %stocks>40DMA=29% The Waterfall and the Whale #T2108 $SPY #VIX $FXY $UUP $FXC $GOOG $AMZN $FB $NFLX $DB $USO
      • Dr. Duru | Send Message 2 Feb

        An Upbeat Reserve Bank of Australia Stays Downbeat On Interest Rates. $FXA $FXY #forex
          • Seraphim Blentzas | Send Message 31 Jan

            Canadian Petro Dollar & Alberta Petroleum Industry Oil Price CAD connection $XOM $CVX $AOSDF $FXE $FXY $FXA
              • Dr. Duru | Send Message 31 Jan

                %stocks>40DMA=29.4% Oversold Conditions End With Caveats $SPY #VIX #T2108 $CAT $IBB $AMZN $NFLX $FXA $FXY
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                • dalatinIJR | Send Message 31 Jan
                  : >) always a caveat emptoroosky
                • Dr. Duru | Send Message 31 Jan
                  : Yes indeed. ;)
                  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 25 Jan

                    %stocks>40DMA=14.1% A Sick Stock Market Breaks Its Fever. $FXA $FXY $AAPL $NFLX $AXP $BHP $CBOE $HDP #T2108
                      • Dr. Duru | Send Message 21 Jan

                        %stocks>40DMA=7.5% 2nd Epic Oversold Period Over Past 5 Months $SPY $NFLX $HDP $FXCM $FXY $FXA #T2108 #VIX
                          • Dr. Duru | Send Message 18 Jan

                            My latest: The Japanese Yen Vies For Center Stage. $FXY $FXA $FXB $UUP $SPY
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                            • june1234 | Send Message 18 Jan
                              : thx for the excellent reminde, as usual
                            • Dr. Duru | Send Message 18 Jan
                              : The trend is in for the Japanese yen....!
                              • Dr. Duru | Send Message 17 Jan

                                %stocks>40DMA=9% $SPY Pushes More Oversold Extremes $SSEC $GS $WYNN $CMG $TWTR #T2108 $UVXY $SVXY $QQQ $INTC $FXA $FXY
                                  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 14 Jan

                                    %stocks>40DMA=9.5% The "Hold Your Nose & Buy" Oversold Moment $SPY $NFLX $DATA $WDAY $FXA $FXY $UVXY $IBB
                                      • James Mickleboro | Send Message 11 Jan

                                        Now Could Be A Good Time To Short The Japanese Yen $FXY
                                          FXY Description
                                          CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust is designed to track the price of the Japanese Yen net of Trust expenses, which are expected to be paid from interest earned on the deposited Japanese Yen.
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                                          Country: Japan
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