New Concept Energy, Inc.

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  • fidel george | Send Message 13 Jul 2015

    Stock gainers on Friday: $KONE, $CNTX, $ASHS, $GBR, $CHRS, $LIFE, $IMDZ, $PRQR, $TLOG, $ZGNX, $GENE, $MRNS, $VGGL
      • StockStatus | Send Message 18 May 2015
          • Ocean Man | Send Message 31 Dec 2014

            New Concept Energy $GBR operates through two business segments: Oil and Gas Operations, and Retirement Facilities ....that is a new concept.
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            • Ocean Man | Send Message 31 Dec 2014
              : Maybe. I guess if insurance, trains, and ketchup can have synergies....
            • BTD70 | Send Message 31 Dec 2014
              : They can skim some oil off the top to save $ on stool softeners in the homes ; )
              • Eric Muathe | Send Message 9 Jun 2014
                  • 3D Analytics | Send Message 28 Apr 2014

                    New Concept Energy: Up 50 Percent Solely As A Result Of Meaningless Stock Promotion $GBR
                      • MJstocks23 | Send Message 25 Apr 2014

                        $GBR going up today, and could still go much higher 4$
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                        • Perkins Cove | Send Message 25 Apr 2014
                          : Could find no catalyst, and company says "no comment on unusual activity"
                        • Perkins Cove | Send Message 26 Apr 2014
                          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 18 Nov 2013

                            BO IDEAS [ Per VIDEO ]: $CHYR $GBR $GGB $JRJC $MMYT $S $WIBC
                              • EPS100Momentum | Send Message 28 Feb 2011

                                Stay away from $OIL low floats $MXC $ROYL $PDO $BDCO $GBR
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 23 Feb 2011

                                    New Concept Energy (GBR) looks like a long term buy, but need to do more research.
                                      Company Description
                                      New Concept Energy Inc, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates oil and gas wells and mineral leases in Athens and Meigs Counties in Ohio and in Calhoun, Jackson and Roane Counties in West Virginia.