GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index ETF

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  • ValueWalk | Send Message 30 Oct 2015

    WisdomTree to Enter Commodity ETF Space Through Buy of the GreenHaven Commodity Funds $GCC $WETF $TONS
      • Vetr | Send Message 3 Oct 2014

        A Beacon of Light Among Commodities ETFs $FTGC $JO $WEAT $GCC
          • Vetr | Send Message 1 Jul 2014

            S&P Dow Jones Introduces Equal-Weight Commodity Index $GCC
              • Covestor | Send Message 7 May 2014

                The surprising investment that's beating stocks and bonds $DBC $GCC $DBA $JO $CORN $GLD $SLV
                  • Rocco Pendola | Send Message 6 Mar 2011

                    Official: GCC weighing 'stability' fund - Yahoo! Finance
                      • Hedgephone | Send Message 8 Oct 2010

                        RJA RJI GCC . Who needs PE ratios when you have HELICOPTER BEN! Not exactly good if your poor and need food, but Dems need a stock rally.
                          • ProForecasts | Send Message 6 Oct 2010

                            Strongly consider selling into this rally and moving into commodities ETF such as GCC.
                              • Hedgephone | Send Message 12 Sep 2010

                                Sold my SGG and some SLV and moved into GCC -- No options here, but I like the model of the fund. Sticking with some AGQ, COW, and DBA
                                  • Hedgephone | Send Message 2 Sep 2010

                                    Inflation hedges outperforming stocks again today... SGG, COW, SLV, AGQ, RJI, RJA, GCC -- these are the new market leaders... early '08???
                                      • Thomas Pan | Send Message 21 Nov 2009

                                        There were substantial falls in imports into China for October across a range of commodities. GSP GSS GCC
                                          GCC Description
                                          GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index Fund (GCC) is an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) that provides an innovative and efficient way to deliver broad based, diversified commodity exposure. It aims to achieve this by using futures contracts to track the Continuous Commodity Index-Total Return (CCI-TR)†. The CCI-TR is an equal weighted index of 17 commodities plus an additional Treasury Bill yield. Because of the equal weighting, GCC offers significant exposure to grains, livestock, and soft commodities and a lower energy weighting than many of its peers. In addition, GCC is rebalanced every day in order to maintain each commodity’s weight as close to 1/17th of the total as possible.
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