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10/1/2014, 9:45 PM ET
  • DAG1996 | Send Message 27 Sep 2012

    GE, PFE, CAG, KR, HAL, & INTC if you owned all of those already, which would you say is at a low enough price to add right now? not to trade
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    • Mercy Jimenez | Send Message 21 Oct 2012
      : DAG UR probably right + better at overcoming this resistance than I am; no doubt I've missed opportunities waiting for meltdowns to pounce.
    • DAG1996 | Send Message 21 Oct 2012
      : i'm often not cautious enough so missing an opportunity is a high-quality problem relative to misinterpreting risk as opportunity.
      GE vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      General Electric Co is a diversified company with products & services that range from aircraft engines, power generation, oil & gas production equipment, & household appliances to medical imaging, business & consumer financing and industrial products.
      Country: United States