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    Volvo's And Audi's New SUVs Gain Market Share $GELYY, $GELYF, $VLKAY
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        Volvo Gamble Pays Dividends For China's Geely $VLVLY, $VOLVF, $GELYF
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            What Do GM And Volvo Have In Common With Apple's iPhone? $GM, $GELYY, $GELYF
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                Geely: Accumulate On Weakness $GELYF, $GELYY
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                    Geely: Still Cautious $GELYF, $GELYY
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                        Geely: Sedan Making A Comeback? $GELYF, $GELYY
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                            Geely: Turning Cautious On Rising Competitive Environment $GELYF, $GELYY
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                                Geely May Sales: Steady As She Goes $GELYF, $GELYY
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                                    Geely April Sales: Missing Out On The SUV Boat $GELYF, $GELYY
                                      • jiraheta | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                                        The earnings release for the Q4 for $GELYF was today, whats the word? can anyone share where i can see it?
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                                        • Harm Elderman | Send Message 9 Jun 2014
                                          : I assume you've got it by now. Quite rubbish results as you might have seen. Shame shame shame :(
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                                          Currently, there's no company description for GELYF.
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                                          Industry: Diversified Investments
                                          Country: China