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  GeoResources, Inc. - NASDAQ

9/23/2014, 3:38 PM ET
  • Ocean Man | Send Message 25 Apr 2012

    Blue Ocean JACKPOT!!!! I told you these little Eagle Ford oil co's would get acquired! GEOI up 21% on buyout from HK.
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    • SwingDruid | Send Message 25 Apr 2012
      : Thx, OM and Krauser. I got 159(put)/160(call) in this morning. Both of em are green now. put is up more than call. People bet gold down.
    • Ocean Man | Send Message 25 Apr 2012
      : Both green, that's part of the beauty of this play, the implied volatility goes up as we approach Ben speaking! Mine are up 5% and 9% LOL.
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      Currently, there's no company description for GEOI.