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GGGG is defunct since October 24, 2014. Lack of investor interest
  • The_American | Send Message 5 Oct 2012

    FCX breaks 40 Traders more Bullish GLD - AUY HL PAAS MUX TCPTF still undervalued GDX GDXJ GLDX GGGG RING and fav NUGT AUY SDIV SCCO MCPIQ AVL RIC
      • The_American | Send Message 2 Oct 2012

        DB raises GLD and SLV for 2013/2014 : on GDX GDXJ NUGT GLDX GLTR GGGG RING ETFs PLTM PALL also may move : on Iron Ore GNI VALE CLF RIO BHP X
          • The_American | Send Message 21 Aug 2012
              • The_American | Send Message 11 Jul 2012

                GS has year end target on PPLT PTM of 2000 per ounce Strange USO OIL so should SLV GLD USD UDN UUP UUPT down GDX GDXJ GLDX RING GGGG HL SLW
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                • lt1948 | Send Message 11 Jul 2012
                  : I have a buy on PPLT at 133, really want pick up a nice chunk, GLTR as an alternative.
                  • The_American | Send Message 16 May 2012

                    BIIB sector GSK doubled on offer from GSK DNDN PFE may be looking into STEM CELL CTIC AMGN CELG ETFs to keep : PHO GDX UUPT RING GGGG QQQ
                      • The_American | Send Message 16 Jan 2012

                        China Now the 2nd largest holder of GOLD & Have been buying quietly AGOL GLD in 2011 GLDX GGGG GLD PSAU SLV In my Blogs & Comments ALL year!
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