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11/24/2014, 4:45 PM ET
  • DeepValueLover | Send Message 2 Feb 2013

    Notice how the price of snacks have stayed roughly the same but there is less in the bag? THAT is hidden inflation $GLD $SLV $SPY $TLT
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    • FortSumter | Send Message 3 Feb 2013
      : Aint that the truth. For me it was the 1/2gal of ice cream no longer 1/2gal but 3/8 gal. Too wierd to ask for 3/8 gallon of ice cream. ;)
    • Ghosts of Kariela | Send Message 3 Feb 2013
      : Not necessarily inflation, CPI shows nothing too shocking. Perhaps corn prices or company wanting to increase margins, too many variables.
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