Credit Suisse Gold Shares Covered Call ETN(GLDI)- NASDAQ
  • Marlon Joaquin | Send Message 13 Jul

    A Guide For The Advent Of Gold Rally 2016 | Part I: Mindset $SGOL, $GLD, $GLDI
      • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 21 Dec 2015

        Nearly 3 Years On, Has GLDI Delivered As Promised? $GLDI
          • DeepValueLover | Send Message 2 Oct 2015

            If you own $MORL, $CEFL, $BDCL, love the massive "dividends" but wish to lose your principal at a slower pace then why not try $GLDI ,$SLVO?
              • Maks Financial Services | Send Message 14 Aug 2015

                GLDI: A Safer Way To Invest In Gold $GLDI
                  • liusing | Send Message 17 Feb 2015

                    checking on 2 yrs chart: $GLD -25%, $GLDI -36%; what can we tell from this ?? Price difference covering the monthly pay ?? $SLVO same?
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                    • Emptyeternity | Send Message 14 Apr 2015
                      : I would rather take the pay and wait for the rebound, I can roll the pay into more shares and compound my way back up when SLV rises
                      • Emptyeternity | Send Message 22 Jan 2015

                        where's the $SLVO $GLDI lovers at??
                          • losbronces | Send Message 13 Aug 2014

                            $GLDI & $SLVO monthly payments for August announced:
                              • Josh Arnold | Send Message 13 Feb 2014

                                Get Long Gold With An 11.6% Yield $GLDI
                                  • Vertical Spread | Send Message 31 Jan 2013

                                    I was hoping to write some Calls on my $IAU, but it ain't moving and the calls are cheap anyway. Thinking about $GLDI instead. Whatsayyou?
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                                    • Vertical Spread | Send Message 4 Feb 2013
                                      : Wow, what an anomaly. The options market must know something. An ATM Call 1 month out for 10-11%.
                                    • Vertical Spread | Send Message 19 Feb 2013
                                      : Still don't know why the At The Money calls were so pricey. That dog has fleas, 8.20 -> 6.60 since your comment. Covered writer no winner.
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