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  Corning Inc. - NYSE

11/23/2014, 5:25 PM ET
  • mifanning | Send Message 1 Dec 2011

    GLW acquires Mediatech after NYSE close. Huge after-hours trade of 603K at $13.4953 and after-hours volume already over 700K. Hmmm....
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    • Ocean Man | Send Message 1 Dec 2011
      : I'm surprised there were that many shares available AH. I always thought AH was like 15 guys trading with each other.
    • mifanning | Send Message 2 Dec 2011
      : Ocean Man: Institutions and brokers will buy after hours, not sure whether GLW buy-backs occur here. That was a HUGE block that moved!
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      Company Description
      Corning Inc is a provider of high-performance glass for LCD televisions, computer monitors, and other information display applications; optical fiber and cable and hardware and equipment products.