Great Northern Iron Ore Properties

GNI is defunct since April 6, 2015. Trust terminated on April 6, 2015
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  • Alpha Asset Strategies | Send Message 13 Aug 2015

    $GNI shareholders: I will purchase your shares now at a higher price than you will receive when Trust is liquidated. Email me for details.
      • Night Heron | Send Message 30 Mar 2015

        Still Overvalued In Its Final Week, Great Northern Iron Should Fall To $7 $GNI
          • Night Heron | Send Message 27 Feb 2015

            Another Downward Revision Of Great Northern Iron: Present Value Sinks To $8 $GNI
              • Night Heron | Send Message 13 Feb 2015

                Great Northern Iron Update: Present Value Sinks Toward $10 $GNI
                  • Night Heron | Send Message 1 Jan 2015

                    Great Northern Iron Remains Overvalued: Present Value Is Under $12 $GNI
                      • Night Heron | Send Message 13 Oct 2014

                        Great Northern Iron: Overpriced, Again - Worth Less Than $14, Will Hit $0 In 2015 $GNI
                          • Tom Dorsey | Send Message 12 Sep 2014

                            Great Northern Iron Ore To Close April 2015 $GNI
                              • Adam Gefvert, CFA | Send Message 11 Sep 2014

                                Holders Of Great Northern Iron Ore Will Lose 30% Of Their Money In 7 Months $GNI
                                  • Dividend Growth Investor | Send Message 28 Aug 2014

                                    If you want to lose money guaranteed buy $GNI,and reinvest dividends into more stock Dont chase yield blindly
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                                    • BidAskDividends | Send Message 29 Aug 2014
                                      : took a long shot and tried to see if puts were available...would've been fantastic
                                      • Mark Weisenborn | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                                        $GNI is now over $23. It went ex at about $19.20 in late June. Since then ore prices generally fell. Why the disconnect?
                                          Company Description
                                          Great Northern Iron Ore Properties is a conventional nonvoting trust. It owns interests in fee, both mineral and non-mineral lands, on the Mesabi Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota.
                                          Industry: Steel & Iron
                                          Country: United States