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  • Today, 3:05 AM
    • Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan has canceled his trip to today's Eurogroup meeting in Brussels as the vacuum in Italian politics opens up.
    • European finance ministers are set to discuss immediate impacts from the country's referendum, which is likely to be felt most in the banking sector, as well as conclude a review of reforms in Greece and discuss ways of making its giant debt more manageable.
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  • Fri, Nov. 18, 3:45 AM
    • Greece is warning Germany and other creditors to agree on a debt restructuring in the coming weeks, or miss the best chance to bring its seven-year crisis to an end.
    • "If we kick the can down the road and say we will decide in two years about how to make Greece's debt sustainable, then investors will also postpone decisions about investing in Greece," Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos declared.
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  • Mon, Nov. 7, 3:03 AM
    • Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has reshuffled his cabinet is a bid to speed up bailout reforms so debt restructuring negotiations could start at an EU finance minister meeting on Dec. 5.
    • The move could also help the country qualify for inclusion in the ECB's bond buying scheme and regain bond market access by 2018, when its current bailout program expires.
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  • Tue, Oct. 25, 4:19 AM
    • Eurozone officials have approved a €2.8B tranche of financial aid for Greece after the cash-strapped nation delivered the needed reforms.
    • Those included milestones in pension reform, bank governance, the energy sector and revenue collection.
    • So far Greece has received €31.7B of its €86B bailout granted in July 2015, its third since being engulfed by debt in 2010.
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  • Tue, Oct. 11, 3:23 AM
    • Despite giving Greece a positive review of its reforms, eurozone finance ministers have divided up their latest tranche of aid to Athens, only disbursing €1.1B.
    • The release of the remaining €1.7B - expected later this month - will depend on arrears payments for September that Greek authorities are in the process of collecting.
    • Eurozone countries have so far disbursed €33.5B under Greece's third bailout program.
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  • Mon, Oct. 10, 3:06 AM
    • The IMF will not join the Greek bailout program, but will likely accept a special advisory status with limited powers that keeps it at the table, Reuters reports.
    • The Fund has been holding out for more than a year over the terms under which it would participate in any new program, arguing that the financial targets set in the bailout are unrealistic without major debt relief.
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  • Wed, Sep. 28, 3:04 AM
    • Greek lawmakers have approved a new set of austerity measures, including further trims in pensions and the transfer of major state assets to a new privatization fund to be overseen by the country's creditors.
    • The reforms will open the way for €2.8B in loans, which have been blocked since June, but could be released at the next meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Oct. 10.
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  • Wed, Sep. 14, 6:09 AM
    • Greece will tell creditors it cannot comply with labor reforms demanded by the IMF as a condition of its support for the country's third bailout, Labor Minister George Katrougalos told Reuters.
    • At issue is a ban on the right of workers to negotiate wages and conditions on a collective basis.
    • A breakdown with the IMF could jeopardize its financing of the €86B bailout and undermine overall confidence in the accord.
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    | Wed, Sep. 14, 6:09 AM | 2 Comments
  • Mon, Sep. 12, 2:08 AM
    • A rift between the EU and IMF on how to address Greece's debt crisis is damaging for the country, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told a news conference in Thessaloniki, saying the institutions are slowing investors down from regaining trust in the markets.
    • In an unexpected move, Tsipras also called upon private investors to help kick-start the Greek economy, arguing it would be "mutually beneficial both for you and for our country."
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    | Mon, Sep. 12, 2:08 AM | 4 Comments
  • Fri, Sep. 9, 3:05 AM
    • Although it's only implemented two out of the 15 actions from its first bailout review, Greece has assured Brussels it will fulfill all of them by the end of September to pave the way for the disbursement of a subtranche of €2.8B.
    • Greece will also be on the agenda of the informal Eurogroup meeting today in Bratislava, ahead of an informal meeting of EU finance ministers on Saturday.
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    | Fri, Sep. 9, 3:05 AM | 4 Comments
  • Mon, Sep. 5, 3:10 AM
    • The eurozone won't release additional bailout money for Greece at a meeting in Bratislava this month, sources told Germany's Handelsblatt Global.
    • According to EU diplomats, Athens has only implemented two of 15 political reforms that are conditions for the bailout money. Above all, they said, Greece had been slow to privatize state assets.
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    | Mon, Sep. 5, 3:10 AM | 19 Comments
  • Thu, Jun. 23, 3:05 AM
    • Helping breathe life into Greece's struggling economy, the ECB will start accepting junk-rated Greek government debt as collateral for its regular bank lending operations.
    • According to economists, the decision to open a funding facility that had been shut for 16 months could lead to the partial lifting of capital controls in the coming days.
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    | Thu, Jun. 23, 3:05 AM | 1 Comment
  • Sun, Jun. 19, 9:30 AM
    • Greece could lift most or all capital controls imposed at the height of the eurozone crisis by the end of the year, the head of the country's banking association, Louka Katseli, said on Saturday.
    • The controls, which restricted the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from banks to €420 per week, were imposed last June as Athens became embroiled in acrimonious bailout talks with its international lenders.
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    | Sun, Jun. 19, 9:30 AM | 5 Comments
  • Fri, Jun. 17, 5:33 AM
    • The European Stability Mechanism, the eurozone emergency fund, has agreed to disburse fresh loans to Greece worth some €7.5B, ensuring the country doesn't default to its creditors later this summer.
    • The move comes after Athens passed a series of painful austerity measures, signed off on a framework to free up the sale of bad loans and agreed to set up a privatization fund.
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    | Fri, Jun. 17, 5:33 AM | 2 Comments
  • Wed, Jun. 8, 2:34 AM
    • Greece has signed a major privatization deal for the old Athens airport of Hellenikon, meeting the demands of international creditors who are now expected to unlock bailout funds after the approval of fresh austerity measures.
    • Privatizations have been a central condition for the nation's succession of bailouts since 2010, but political resistance and bureaucratic snags have meant few have gone ahead to date.
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    | Wed, Jun. 8, 2:34 AM
  • Fri, Jun. 3, 3:49 AM
    • Greece's parliament has approved a new batch of tweaks to its creditor-mandated austerity program, required to secure a tranche of €7.5B.
    • Alexis Tsipras said he expects the ECB to re-open access to cheap funding for Greek banks after the official bailout review ends despite the central bank failing to reinstate the waiver at yesterday's meeting.
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    | Fri, Jun. 3, 3:49 AM | 3 Comments
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